Great Hack’n’Slashing time


Devil May Cry 5 returns to form


by Jean Sandre, Staff Writer

After 10 years (not counting the reboot, Devil May Cry), fans are finally getting a sequel to The Devil May Cry. After releasing a trailer back at E3 2018, fans got on the hype train for the game with the hopes for ambition.
The story revolves around an evil demon king, Urizen, who raises a tree known as Qliphoth with roots that run through the depths of Earth. The tree births out demons and roots which use humans to supply Urizen with the power he desires.
What is he after?
He’s after the Fruit the Qliphoth holds. After a failed attempt, Dante, Nero and Newcomer “V” make their way through the Qliphoth in order to defeat Urizen and save humanity before it’s too late.
The story is excellent in presenting real life problems such as family bonds, trust and self-courage. Longtime fans will be able to catch references and nods to older entries in the series, while first timers can enjoy the cheesy dialogue and interactions. The story also manages to handle tying up loose ends and answering questions, but in the end also creating new ones as well. Some fans might be disappointed by the twists and turns while others might find them pleasant. In the end, DMCV isn’t the perfect closure to the Sons of Sparda story while leaving players on a cliffhanger.
The overlying soundtrack represented a great contrast for each character. For example, the song Devil trigger, which is Nero’s theme, correlates with his cybernetic punk based vibe he has in the game. Crimson Cloud for V is really fitting in terms of lyrics, but that’s something for players to figure out later. One song in particular that doesn’t exactly work well is Subhuman for the Devil Hunter himself, Dante.
Players won’t really notice in game, but looking at the lyrics it seems like the song was written for DMC: Devil May Cry Dante. While the battle themes are great, the world and atmosphere themes set an outstanding tone. The soundtrack is very immersive and provides a sense of what it’s like in certain areas, such as empty streets or the inside of Qliphoth itself. The game allows switching of battle themes with other characters or older tracks from other games (if the DLC was bought that is).
During some of the later boss fights, there is potential for remixes but it just becomes more reminiscent to rave music that does not fit well at all. In other areas, the rave music vibe fits perfectly to emphasize the mood. When V goes through his boss rush, the power that flows in the song Faded Tone is relatable to what V must feel. In the end, the music works well but some areas are a little disappointing compared to others.
Each character has their own unique movie sets in addition to weapons and ways of dealing with enemies. Nero works well for beginners as he can constantly combo and pull back enemies with his Wire Snatch skill. He comes loaded with Devil Breakers which are robotic arms that have their own unique abilities. V summons Shadow, Griffon and Nightmare, demons who play a lot like their boss fights from Devil May Cry 1. These three demons do the damage and set V up for final blows. Dante is just as good as he has ever been. He has a total of six Devil Arms and six guns. His style system returns from 4. This allows him to switch between the ability to dodge easily, block and reflect damage, use more melee attacks and gun attacks.
Overall, he’s better than ever, compared to when he was in the last installment. However, the Devil Hunter still requires a little bit more skill to perform Smokin’ Sick Stylish combos. The average player might feel that the game is too easy on Devil Hunter difficulty (the normal difficulty.), but the game encourages replay-ability through unlocking new difficulties each play through, and allowing players to keep everything they earned. Bloody Palace mode will be arriving as DLC in April. Furthermore, the gameplay is on the same level as Devil May Cry 3 and possibly the best in the series.
Finally, Devil May Cry 5 is a Game of The Year competitor. A solid 8/10 is a suitable rating for this game. It’s for players who are fans of the series or just starting. Anyone looking for a hack n slash game full of action should pick Devil May Cry 5 up and be prepared for a crazy time!