Not your average notebook


The whole page can be erased. Again, there is a tint left behind, but anything written on the page would definitely be legible.

Note taking has modernized with Rocketbook


by Alexis Tucker, Editor-in-chief

Looking for a better solution to your notetaking headaches? Look no further then this Kickstarter and Indiegogo funded product aimed at organizing all your notes in an eco-friendly manner.
Rocketbook was an idea which originated co-founders Joe Lemay and Jake Epstein in 2015 and crowdfunded on Indiegogo in order to obtain funding to build the first books, apps and integrations. The idea was to create a notebook that could be reused over and over again. Simply put, it is a “smart notebook” with compatible, erasable pens.
How is this accomplished?
There are symbols, as well as a QR code, which are located at the bottom of the page. The user then circles a specific symbol, which proceeds to upload information to their desired location.
However, since the paper is just paper, users have to show the Rocketbook app all of the pages that were written on. These files can be uploaded to any number of locations including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Trello and many more.
Additionally, the user has the option of uploading the file as a jpeg or a pdf. Also note, once the app is shown the page, the user presses a button and the page is automatically uploaded to the intended location. Each symbol can be sent to completely separate places; for example, the “apple” could have the user’s files sent to Google Drive while the “star” sends their files to their email or the “diamond” sends other files to Microsoft OneDrive. This leaves many options available such as creating several folders for taking notes in class or it can send all work-related stuff to the user’s email and personal items elsewhere.

The paper of the notebook is thicker and uses pens that are erasable. After the notebook is filled, the user takes a cup of water and places the notebook and cup in the microwave for a few minutes. This allows for the notebook to be wiped clean of the information.
While the setup is not too difficult, it seems a bit convoluted. New users do have to create another account, but it’s quite simple. It may take a few minutes to get the hang of things in regards to navigating the app. Ultimately, this appears to be the best option, allowing the user freedom to choose where they would like their files stored.
Users should note a few key things such as: don’t leave the pen or the notebook in hot environments (such as a hot car) and do not use anything other than the Pilot FriXion pen. Consequently, leaving the notebook in such a hot environment would wipe the information from the pages and the ink within the pen would turn invisible. The website is quite clear stating the reasoning behind choosing the Pilot FriXion pens was because they are easily erasable, especially with water, while meeting the purpose of the notebook.
In addition, there are markers and highlighters available in the same line of pens that will work for the notebooks, but they are definitely not necessary. The paper feels nice and Pilot pens in general are always nice to use. It writes just like a normal notebook, so the thicker paper doesn’t get in the way. If a mistake is made, work quickly to erase it before it dries as it becomes much more difficult to erase, leaving behind a colored tint to the paper.
Typically there are two options for how students want to take notes either via computer/laptop/tablet or by hand. Rocketbook combines those two ideas, bringing taking notes by hand into the future. They do this by being able to keep notes nicely organized like a computer as well as being more environmentally friendly by not having to buy so many notebooks.
Rocketbook offers a wide array of options for students to professionals or any other reason would want to write in a notebook. For more information about Rocketbook or to purchase one go to or on Amazon.