Helping families in need

Zaman International lending aid to Michiganders and those abroad


Cody Yarbrough, Staff Writer

In 1996 in Dearborn, Michigan, a nurse named Najah Bazzy founded an organization called Zaman International. She did so after helping an Iraqi immigrant family living in devastating poverty by furnishing their home and helping them care for their terminally ill infant. Located on Trowbridge Street in Inkster, Michigan, this organization has worked with hundreds of immigrant families and USA born families to help break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.
“Zaman helps primarily women and children get essential resources and education.” says volunteer coordinator, Abigail DeMars. “We provide food, clothing and furniture to struggling families and skills training to women so that they earn an income for their family.”
The nonprofit is teaching dozens of women how to sew artesian items and cook in an industrial kitchen. The goal of this education is to help local women find jobs to support themselves and their families long-term through various certifications, specialty training, and English Literacy tutoring through Zaman’s B.O.O.S.T program (Building Ongoing Opportunities through Skills Training). They also provide food assistance to local families in need through their Hope for Humanity Center, which houses thousands of pounds of food and hundreds of pieces of furniture, clothing, and housewares for families in need.
Over five hundred Michigan families received assistance through these programs in 2018 alone, with more coming in each day.
Zaman has also provided women and children with basic resources around the globe through 27 initiatives in 19 countries to date. These programs include access to clean water through building and maintaining water wells, humanitarian relief for communities in crisis, and supporting orphans in the USA and abroad. Zaman partners with The International Medical Corps and other nonprofits to provide these services.
Zaman is constantly helping families locally and abroad so they are always looking for support. Donating is as simple as going to their website ( ), selecting the donate tab and following the steps. Whether you donate a little or a lot, any aid is welcomed.
You can give your time by volunteering throughout the various local programs, including helping with donations, serving food, supporting the garden during the summer and delivering items to families in Southeast Michigan.
Zaman International has helped thousands of people since it first started with the Iraqi family in 1996. They have fed the hungry, provided for the poor and taught skills to those who want to learn. Both locally and abroad, Zaman International continues to help more people with every passing day.
For more information on Zaman International go to or call 313-551-3994.