Phasing into a synergetic future

Schoolcraft announces collaboration of new medical facility on campus


Chantele Fox, News Editor

In a press release March 28, it was announced that Schoolcraft College, in collaboration with Saint Joseph Mercy Health System and Integrated Healthcare Associates (IHA), would build a new medical center on Schoolcraft campus. The plan for development was approved by both the Schoolcraft College Board of Trustees as well as Trinity Health, the parent organization of Saint Joseph Mercy Health System and Integrated Healthcare Associates.
“IHA is pleased to join with our colleagues at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System to further develop our partnership with Schoolcraft College. It is an honor to be part of such an innovative collaboration that is focused on bringing a patient-centered model of health care to not only
Schoolcraft College, but also to the surrounding communities,” said IHA CEO Dr. Mark LePage, M.D in a press release.
The development plan for construction is comprised of phases with groundbreaking being the first phase, beginning fall 2019. The first phase will include the construction of an 80,000-square-foot building, which will be located on the northeast quadrant of the campus, adjacent to I-275, just north of the St. Joe’s Sports Dome. Furthermore, the space constructed during this phase will include primary, specialty and urgent care services. Additional services will include ancillary and advanced imaging providing MRIs, ultrasound and mammography.
In a press release, President Conway A. Jeffress stated, “This partnership is an extension of our current excellent relationship with Saint Joseph Mercy Health System and Integrated Healthcare Associates and will help provide outstanding medical services for our students and the Schoolcraft community.”
This partnership will provide beneficial educational enhancements for Schoolcraft students who are enrolled in the Healthcare and Health Sciences programs. Students will be provided with practical experiences, which will further prepare them to enter into the healthcare field. Such benefits will be the result of various renovations newly added or freshly constructed. For example, the Applied Sciences building will gain an extra 36,700-square-foot and will potentially be renamed to the Health Sciences Building. Additional advancements will include upgrades to the nursing lab and the addition of several new programs within the building including the construction of a Physical Therapy facility near the Physical Education building as well as an Ambulatory Care facility, which will be operated by St. Joe’s Health. Schoolcraft students and the community can expect additions to the St. Joe’s Sports Dome Welcome Center, which will be operated by Hawks and Wolves, partners of Schoolcraft College in the operation of the Dome.
“The partnerships and the facilities are all designed to be mutually beneficial to our students, partners and to the financial stability of the College. These are well thought out arrangements,” states Dr. Jeffress.
As development begins, there will most certainly be concern as to the affect it will have on typical campus operations and what will become of every day necessities such as parking as the new medical center is built. During a learning session held March 28, following the press release, Dr. Jeffress stated, “Construction will not interfere with regular operations of the campus,” in reference to the topic. “Each addition will have its own parking lot created in estimation of how many people are expected,” he continues while addressing the topic of parking.
In an article published by and according to Glenn Cerny, Chief Financial Officer at Schoolcraft College, construction and opening of the building will occur in April 2021.
For continued coverage and information pertaining to the partnership between Schoolcraft College, Saint Joseph Mercy Health System and Integrated Healthcare Associates, please stay tuned for upcoming issues of The Schoolcraft Connection beginning fall 2019.