Tips for a successful running experience

Josiah Thomas, News Editor

Taking part in a 5K run is a great way for beginners who want to get their running chops and for advanced runners who want to perfect their PR’s alike. Whatever your level of experience is properly prepping is vital to getting the most out you’re your 5K experience. Wayne State University physical therapist student and Schoolcraft alumnus, Ryan Kilgore suggests following these steps to make the most of your 5K race.
“Runners need a good warmup before every race and every single run. Sprint in place as fast as you can, making sure that your body is in sequence, your arms aren’t moving faster than the legs and vice versa,” recommends Kilgore.
This, according to Kilgore, is for ideal coordination and head control, as well as preventing excess energy being wasted and minimizing risk of injury. Kilgore also suggests bringing someone along, calling it a “motivating factor,” especially for the final stretch.
As for what training phase a runner should be in, i.e., the level of physical preparation needed, Kilgore recommends they at least be in the base phase which consists of two parts.
The first is the race pace, where runners sprint as fast as they possibly can and gauge how fast they can finish a quarter mile.
The second is the running pace, which is a run that’s faster than a jog but not one that pushes the physical limits, gradually building up one’s pace with each successive run, with intervals and some strength training added in.
The first is set at a high pace with a short distance, while the second is set at a slow pace with a longer distance, all to condition the body.
In summary, runners and walkers should warm up before starting, get adequate rest and nutrition and have a passion for it. Runners should also remember why they started in the first place, why they love it, and that they can do something difficult.
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