Regional excellence

State-of-the-art complex attracts talent nationwide


Josiah Thomas, News Editor

Schoolcraft College and its Public Safety Training Complex have made our public servants proud.
Graduates and trainees, from local and state police and their SWAT teams to private security for companies such as Ford and General Motors to agents from across the United States, are very pleased with the training programs they’ve received at Schoolcraft. The complex trains men and women not only for law enforcement, but also in separate programs for Emergency Medical Technology, Fire Technology and Homeland Security.
In the past, trainees had to travel to four different training sites across Metro Detroit. Now, they can receive all of their training at one location at the Public Safety Training Complex (PSTC) and Firearms Training Center located on 31775 Industrial Road, just southwest of the intersection at I-96 and Merriman, only a few minutes east of I-96 and I-275.
This complex consists of four main buildings, the Academy Training Center (ATC), Firearms Training Center (FTC), the Driving Pad and the Fire Tower.
Trainees don’t just come from across the state of Michigan either.
The complex fits so many needs and offers so many programs that states across the union send their men and women to train here. This makes PSTC a centralized location where a winning combination of quality staff and state-of-the-art facilities offers training across multiple areas of public safety

Over the years, Associate Dean Gerald Champagne and his colleagues at PSTC have built a lot of healthy relationships with branches of law enforcement across the country, particularly with federal agencies such as the FBI, the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security. They have used these relationships to train large numbers of their agents at the Complex, using state-of-the-art programs and research into the general trends of crime across the U.S. to ensure that their training needs are met.
Take, for instance, the Academy Training Center’s Maze Room. It’s a large room, one out of only 16 in the U.S., containing 120 movable walls that can be configured to resemble a bank to simulate a bank robbery, a hallway with multiple classrooms to prepare for a school shooting, a house to train for home invasion situations and much more.
This is used for realistic training sessions by all law enforcement trainees at the complex and the instructors are state and local police officers who have dedicated their service and experience toward making trainees into the best public servants they can be.
The ATC also includes the firearms training center, complete with a regular firing range, tactical firing range and the Firearms Safety Training (FaST) Room. The first is a state-of-the-art room with advanced air-filtration systems that remove the lead given off by firearms discharged on the range, making it among the best firearm ranges in the U.S. The latter room is where trainees are tasked with learning foresight and split-second decision-making techniques during scenarios whether or not to shoot, using prop guns that fire lasers.
Another room at the ATC is the Multipurpose Training Room, a room large enough to comfortably fit several police cars. It’s used for physical fitness and various other levels of training, up to traffic stop simulations and rescue operations, weather not permitting. Adjacent to the ATC is the Training Pad, a 10-acre obstruction-free tarmac used in pursuit vehicle training and outdoor traffic stop and arrest simulations, as well as mannequins planted inside of cars to recreate a rescue operation where they need to take victims to a hospital.
Schoolcraft’s PSTC has attracted talent from across the entire country. Agents from the Social Security Administration just recently sent agents from across three states in the Midwest: Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. In addition, 14 police officers recently graduated from a basic SWAT school and a two-week Evidence Technician School graduated 14 officers from agencies across the Detroit Metro area.
The Public Safety community makes good use of Schoolcraft’s Public Safety Training Complex and the college is ready to train the heroes of tomorrow who dedicate their lives to justice and helping people in need.
Questions regarding PSTC and its programs may contact the general number at 734-462-4306.