Setting us up for success


Evan Cerezo, Layout Editor

At Schoolcraft College, we have what is known as the CGT department, or Computer Graphics Technology. This program splits into three tracks that all specialize in a certain skillset. The tracks have intersecting classes, but overall, they are all their own niche.
I am currently enrolled in my third year of the graphic arts track, which specializes in digital drawing and layout design. Each class walks students through software used for different tasks. Programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are especially important for students to know. The graphics track does a great job of explaining different software and tools without limiting creativity.
I think a big reason I like the program is because of the formula it uses. Each class has a similar cycle and I think it works very well for a somewhat subjective set of skills. Each week we are asigned a new project for homework. Classes usually begin with a critique of everyone’s project. This gives everyone a chance to understand and expirience feedback to improve their designs.
After that, there is usually a lecture explaining a new concept or idea that will further student’s knowledge of the software. Classes finish with an explanation of that week’s asignment.
I think this class structure is beneficial because it’s hands on while still providiing an opportunity for guidance and critiquing skills that would not be available otherwise, which is right up my alley.
Overall, the CGT department does a good job of covering a lot of bases and having options for students.
As Layout Editor and Design Editor for the Connection, I can say that the Schoolcraft CGT department has successfully helped me get started in my career.