An enchanting knight out on the town


Anthony Magewick, Staff Writer

Once upon a time, in the forest of Holly Grove, there was a wondrous event known as the Michigan Renaissance Festival, where everyone wanted to go. The festival beckoned knights, wizards and tons of heroes and creatures from faraway lands with promises of adventure and enjoyment among those who reveled in magic. I was one of them, and this is my experience. I had resolved to make a journey to the land of Holly Grove in search of fun and magic. So, while donning my wizard robe and magic staff in hand, I made tracks to the forest for this event. The gate was well guarded, but fortunate indeed that I managed to gain entrance with tickets that I had procured during the School Daze Fall Festival.
Once inside, I took a moment for my senses to absorb all that the environment had thrown at me. My ears were awash with the countless voices of residents and visitors alike who also sought adventure and wonder as I did.
My eyes were overwhelmed by the sights of countless adventurers and magical individuals of different shapes and kinds wandering the forest town of Holy Grove. Knights and warriors, wizards and sorcerers, rangers and rogues, priests and clerics, druids and shamans, elves and orcs, barbarians and Vikings, brigands and bandits as well as countless magical creatures and heroes from the stories and legends of yore.
There were too many to take full counting.
My family and I parted ways and I had the run of all the festivities to myself while they relaxed at the local tavern cafe. I wandered the land on my own to complete my quest for wonder and magic, so to that end, I spent my time chatting and communing with both residents and fellow visitors.
The forest was dense and green with shops and merchants selling tons of neat wares, from clothing and costumes to jewelry and necklaces, to swords and armaments fit for a Knight. There were tons of food and treats from the world for a good price but the golden jewel of the festival were the turkey legs.
The turkey legs were as large and juicy as you’d imagine. I imagine when I rested for lunch and indulged in a turkey leg myself, it was warm and juicy in all the right ways that makes one’s mouth salivate.
As I continued my journey I spied upon a most curious sight; a jousting field. Intrigued, I got closer and sat on the benches and bore witness to the contest with my own eyes. The contest was a battle of skill and accuracy with the knights riding and a test of chivalry. It was the most enjoyable. After the joust I was tired, drained after the long adventure. So I sought out my family. And with reluctance, we made our way home. On our way home, I marveled at my adventures and I knew that I would make my return next year for it is truly a unique yearly experience that I would never miss.
The 2019 Michigan Renaissance Festival took place weekends and Labor Day, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Aug. 17 to Sept. 29 in Holly, Michigan.

Photo courtesy of Anthony Magewick