Ocelot Opinions: What is your favorite fall time activity?

De’Ernest Johnson, Staff Writer

Alexis Williams
Major: Undecided
“Going to the cider mill with my friends.”
Ali-AlamiriAli Alamiri
Major: Mechanical Engineering
“Joy riding in my car and hay riding.
Asia Catching/ Shania Snow
Major: Culinary Arts/ Nursing
“Going to haunted houses and going trick or treating. (Snow).”
“Going to apple orchards and the fall frenzy and drinking apple cider with donuts. (Catching)”
Major: Cosmetics (Jujua)/ Business through Arts (Aya)/ Journalism (Ry)
“Going to all the Haunted Houses.” (Ry)
“Capturing all the different fall scenes, drinking apple cider and baking.” (Aya)
“Watching scary Halloween movies. (Jujua)”
Nicole Levine
Major: Fine Arts
“Going to the cider mill and carving pumpkins.”
Paul Beer
Faculty: Theatre
“Directing the fall play and going to apple orchards with family.”

Interviews & Photos by De’Ernest Johnson (Staff Writer) & Armando Saucedo (Videographer)