College president announces plans for retirement


Chantele Fox, Editor-in-Chief

During the winter Welcome Back address to staff held on Jan. 10, Dr. Conway A. Jeffress, who has been with Schoolcraft since 1982, announced his plan for retirement in late 2020.
Over his 19 years of service to Schoolcraft College, Jeffress has guided Schoolcraft College down the path of exponential growth from increased rates of enrollment to the current building upgrades and developments such as the expansion of the Applied Sciences building and construction of the new medical facility near the St. Joe’s Sports Dome. Moreover, it was under his tenure that the college gained the VisTaTech Center, Bradner Library and Biomedical Technology Buildings.
In a recent press release Jeffress states, “Leading Schoolcraft College has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I’m extremely proud of the growth the college has experienced, the rewarding relationships I’ve built and our service to the community. This is a difficult decision, but I feel the timing is right.”

Photo courtesy of Schoolcaft College