Mobilized for success

SC Mobile App revamped


Josiah Thomas, News Editor

Schoolcraft College is carving a path in the world of mobile apps with the college’s mobile app – called “Schoolcraft College” – on the Google Play and App Store.
Relaunched late Aug. 2019, just in time for the fall semester, this app streamlines the registration process by making it as easy as shopping on Amazon. It provides easy access to class schedules and locations, a department directory, grades posted from professors (if any) and payment plan schedules.
Convenience is the name of the game and a lot of work went into relaunching this app.
For instance, users previously complained of trouble logging in and retrieving their sign-in data. Now, users can sign-in with the same information they’d use for Blackboard. Rather than going through the usual process of logging into WebAdvisor, users can stay signed in by hitting the checkmark box right before signing in, as long as their smartphone has a lock screen with a password enabled.
The motivation behind this app was the growing trend of students using their phones for information finding and daily activities.
“During registration, the ability to quickly search and register through their phone has been identified as a large motivation for students to download the Schoolcraft app,” said Van Nguyen, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications. “During the initial days of classes, quickly verifying the date, time and location of their classes is a convenience that students appreciate. For newer students, quick access to maps to verify what building their class is in has been mentioned as a benefit.”
Being the accessible, go-to devices that phones are, they are the perfect platform for college students to access their schedules, class information and payments.
“In my opinion, one of the benefits of the mobile app is that it is easier to navigate than WebAdvisor in searching for, selecting, registering and paying for classes,” said Nguyen.
Any issues, bugs or other problems with the app can be reported through reviews from both the App Store and Google Play.
The “About” section in the app provides another outlet for feedback and is monitored by the Answer Center. Though this department covers general questions about the college, they can also reach out to IT or open a ticket about any issues with the app.
This is all part of their efforts to encourage students to both download the app and keep them using it. If this relaunch is any indication of the mobile app’s performance, it has a promising future in the semesters to come.

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