Cooking up a storm


Evan Cerezo, Layout Editor

Focusing on the goal of food instead of actual cooking can motivate you to work harder. Choosing the food you want to eat instead of simply cooking something easy will help improve your attitude.
Something else that helps with cooking is portion control.
By making large batches of a dish, you won’t have to make food as often, instead you can heat up leftovers. Freezing some of the leftovers for a later date will also help make cooking less frequent. Even if you might not finish everything you make, you can freeze it so when you want to eat it again, you can.
The last big thing that can help you cook more is to multi-task.
By cooking more efficiently, a person can cut down on the time it takes to actually make the food. A common example is to start cleaning while there is downtime. Often, a dish takes time to boil on the stove, bake in the oven, or simmer in a pot. So, by cleaning during these periods, you won’t have as many dishes to clean after the cooking is over.
Overall, cooking does not have to feel as intimidating as it might seem. Breaking it down into simple steps and setting yourself up for success will make a big difference for your motivation.