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RJ Hartsoe, Staff Writer

Duel of the Divorcees
Bridget Ostrom filed for divorce against David Ostrom earlier this month, both from Kansas. According to a Jan. 3 court filing, David asked the Iowa District Court for 12 weeks to find a katana and a wakizashi sword for a duel with his ex-wife Bridget and her lawyer. David argues that it was used as recently as 1818 in the British court. The couple had previous legal disputes over visitation rights. David claims his request comes from frustration and says the duel could end in death. This case is ongoing.
Fans to sue Astros… for 2017 loss
For the past 2 and a half years, two Dodgers fans have been looking for a lawyer to sue the Astros for stealing the win and giving the Dodgers a fine through by the MLB, to which the Dodgers pleaded guilty on the accusations of cheating. They have detailed how they plan on pursuing a class action lawsuit. They claim it is too expensive to go a Dodgers game now and other fans have expressed interest in joining them in the lawsuit. A case has not been officially filed yet.
The Fanboi is strong with this one
A Star Wars fan from Utah recently 3D printed a bulletproof Stormtrooper suit and tested it. The fan spent nine months working on this project.
“Stormtroopers don’t do well in the movies; one shot and they’re dead,” he said in the video he uploaded to YouTube detailing the making of the 3D Printed suit. “It is not easy to wear.”
He tested the suit out by taking it to the gun range and the results were a success. No bullet went through the costume.