News Briefs


Josiah Thomas, News Editor


Schoolcraft’s BSU makes it to local news stations
WXYZ Detroit news station featured SC’s Black Student Union ‘70s-themed speakeasy event, Feb. 15. This event has already gathered a lot of attention on campus and around the community. It is designed as a tribute to the Black men and women who paved the way for all Americans. “[With the speakeasy] we want to seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history,” said BSU President DeSean Knight.


Ice Volcanoes on the Great Lakes
The Grand Rapids branch of the National Weather Service (NWS) detected what they are calling ice volcanoes Feb. 16. These ice volcanoes are located at Oval Beach near Saugatuk.
“Volcanoes form at the edge of ice shelves, as waves battle the shore, and force water up through cones of ice,” said the Grand Rapids branch of the NWS.


End of Daylight Savings Time?
Clocks will spring forward next month and some lawmakers want them to stay that way for good. Adjusting to daylight saving time (DST) was established over 100 years ago to maximize time spent outside during the spring and summer, moving the clocks back during winter because of the statistically lower time spent outdoors… in northern regions.
The DST switch comes with negative consequences, such as spikes in heart attacks and car accidents as populations adjust to their new sleep schedules. Similarly, global travelers face difficulties going to countries that don’t agree on when DST should start.
A survey from The Associated Press shows that 70 percent of Americans want to put an end to switching the clocks. According to, a handful of states have passed bills to do so. President Trump has expressed support for making DST permanent. Whether Congress approves of a measure to make this a nationwide mandate is another matter.