Culture and creativity

International Agenda to sponsor Art and Writing Contest


Elyse Salmon, Staff Writer

The International Agenda at Schoolcraft is calling all students interested in submitting writing and art that grapple with global, cultural and international issues with a personal flair of creativity and originality. The deadline to submit is April 6 and all students enrolled in the previous fall semester or current winter semester are eligible to enter the contest. Winners will receive a scholarship and be published in the broad and colorful magazine, International Agenda.
The International Agenda is a free, 48-page magazine produced twice annually by the Schoolcraft College International Institute (SCII). Randy Schwartz, Professor of Mathematics at Schoolcraft College since 1984, is the editor for the Agenda. As someone who was experienced in writing, editing and already a member of SCII, Schwartz stepped up as the editor of the publication in 2003. Schwartz leads a small editorial team to publish this notable magazine that reaches an estimated 6,000 readers per year.
“The contest allows students to combine their own creativity with things that they’ve learned about or experienced in order to create something for the general public that is worthy of publication,” Schwartz states.
Since 2012, the Agenda has been able to secure prize money for the contest, enabling winning students to publish their work and receive money toward tuition. The contest will award a first and second place winner in both the writing and art category with a first-place prize of $250 and the second-place earning $150.
“We hope that the magazine helps to raise campus and community awareness of how our lives are being affected by international and cross-cultural issues. Students and other readers can learn about cultures and global events that they aren’t necessarily exposed to anywhere else.” states Schwartz.
For students interested in submitting writing and/or art piece, please visit or contact Randy Schwartz at 734- 462-7149.