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Livonia eLounge offers hangout spot for gamers


Anthony Magewick and Josiah Thomas

Members of the gaming community have begun gathering in Livonia at ReSpawn eLounge, a place unlike anything Metro Detroit has seen before. ReSpawn eLounge opened its doors in December 2019 and is growing into a favorite hot spot for gamers to gather and help support their common hobby: gaming.
“From playing Nintendo, action and shooter games we have always wanted to achieve something in the big wild gaming world. Now in the modern age, the gaming world is to be called ‘E-Sports.’ Where our main focus lies. We have dedicated ourselves to develop our careers in this direction. As it’s where we can show our creativity in the fullest, where passion and crazy effects aren’t a problem, where rules are at the minimum,” said ReSpawn owner Matt Pawelski, who is a former Schoolcraft student.
At just 24 years old, Pawelski dedicated a great deal of care in setting up this facility, chock-full of over 20 high end PCs and three TVs each with the latest gaming consoles. From Corsair mechanical keyboards and headsets all the way down to high-end desks and chairs reflects Pawelski’s attention to detail.

“We spared no expense because we didn’t want to cheap out,” said Pawelski.
Upon walking in, gamers feast their eyes on high-end gaming rigs that line the walls of the main room, with an Xbox One and PS4 in the farther corners and a room dedicated to the Nintendo Switch, complete with couches in front of each one of them.
Rates go on a “pay per screen” basis, with rates beginning at $5 for a half-hour on PCs and $8 for consoles. Subsequent rates are $8 for PC and $12 for consoles for one hour, $15 and $24 for two hours, $22 and $35 for three hours and lastly $30 and $45 for four hours. This applies to one station that a customer chooses to rent; each one may be rented up to four hours. Those who would like to stream their gameplay footage can do so for an extra $4 tacked onto their hourly fee, though this option is only available on PC stations.
ReSpawn will provide as many controllers as they have available, though there are usually plenty to spare. Customers can bring their own controllers, if they like.
People can also bring their own systems, peripherals, accessories and any related item to play with. Anything from entire consoles to external hard drives from their Xboxes, keyboards, headsets, custom controllers and the like are all welcome.
As for major issues with running this business, Pawelski humorously admits that the hardest part is avoiding distractions.
“I’m constantly surrounded by video games,” said Pawelski.
Keeping up to date on updates and making sure that everything runs properly afterward requires constant maintenance. Thankfully their internet service, which runs at 800MB/sec, has never experienced significant issues and there are protocols in place to ensure that the connection remains optimized, keeping bandwidth large and generous for gaming and hosting servers.
ReSpawn is located at 31619 Plymouth Road, just west of Plymouth and Merriman in Livonia. Find them on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at ReSpawn_eLounge.
For more information, contact management at respawnelounge@
Check out the Schoolcraft Connection YouTube page featuring an interview with ReSpawn owner, Matt Pawelski.

By Anthony Magewick (Staff Writer) & Josiah Thomas (News Editor)
Photos courtesy of ReSpawn