Clean whiteboards, empty classrooms

Campus life in wake of global disaster


Jihad Muhammad, Photo Editor

Just a few days after students, faculty and staff returned from Spring Break and were just getting back into the swing of things, COVID-19 started to fill the air and the state of Michigan announced its first two cases of the virus.
The media increased coverage across the state, nation and the world heightened and the sensitivity to the pandemic started. The panic of needing to stock up on staple items such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer became headlines across social media, leaving many without either and people flooding the stores.
In the following days, the American people began to see k-12 school closures and as well as college and university campuses transitioning from face-to-face learning to remote.
Schoolcraft was no exception.
Last week, the classrooms remain dark and empty and the halls filled with the eerie silence of as a once vibrant campus came to a halt in wake of this global pandemic.
Even now, college administration has limited the number of people – if any- allowed on campus during the days of the “stay at home” declaration.
Those permitted on campus are asked to practice social distancing as they continue to maintain the necessities of the college.
Just in a few weeks the COVID-19 crisis in Michigan has seen nearly 3,000 cases and 45 deaths as of March 26. This is truly a time of panic, worry, isolation and concern.
Here are some images of what the campus looks like in wake of the closures over the last week.

Photos by Jihad Muhammad