Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announces extension of Stay Home, Stay Safe Order until May 15


Chantele Fox, Editor-in-Chief

After much anticipation by Michiganders who awaited the decision of the governor, it was announced during a briefing the morning of April 24 that Gov. Whitmer has extended the Stay Home, Stay Safe Order but with some restrictions being a little more relaxed.
This new order is to immediately replace to the one which was set to expire April 30 and could now have come sooner for the residents of Michigan when just nine days prior, protestors took to the state capital in East Lansing protesting Executive Order 2020-58.
So, what does this mean for life in Michigan?
Under the Executive Order 2020-58, which was set to expire April 30, Michigan residents were not permitted to travel between residences, there were restrictions put into place regarding some outdoor activities, certain businesses were not permitted to operate and big box stores were restricted from the sales of nonessential items including paint, lawn furniture, indoor furniture, gardening and landscaping supplies and flooring supplies.
Now, under new Executive Order 2020-59, these restrictions are now to become more relaxed. Under 10.C, the order states that companies such as landscapers, garden stores, nurseries and lawn care companies are now able to resume business. Furthermore, big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s are now permitted to open their lawn and garden centers, as well as resume the sales of paint supplies and other items that were considered to be “nonessential” during the previous order, granted they abide by the social distancing guidelines that are currently in place.
Further, the order now allows residents can now resume outdoor activities including walking, running hiking, and now boating and golfing are permitted to reopen. However, golfers are not permitted to use golf carts.
According to Bridge Magazine, “Whitmer called her latest order the ‘preliminary stage of economic re-engagement’ for Michigan and suggested relaxed rules are possible because of adherence to her earlier orders.”
Moreover, this new order states that beginning April 27, all residents are required to wear face masks in enclosed spaces such as grocery stores if they can medically tolerate to continue easing the spread of the virus. However, according to Bridge Magazine, “those who do will not be subject to misdemeanor criminal penalties otherwise in place for willful violations of the order.”
Michigan residents are still encouraged to limit travel, trips to the store for items that are nonessential, and to abide by the social distancing guidelines in place.
The state of Michigan reported 1,325 new cases Thursday, bringing the state total as of the morning of April 24 to 35,291 with 2,977 deaths and 3,327 recovered.
For more information about past executive orders or to read Executive Order 2020-59, please visit,9309,7-387-90499_90705—,00.html.

Photo courtesy of Bridge Magazine