Service and achievement recognized through Student Recognition Ceremony


Josiah Thomas, News Editor

Recognition for extraordinary service or academic achievement is an accomplishment for the student who earns it. This year, Schoolcraft created the Student Recognition Ceremony (SRC) to honor those students’ achievements in and out of the classroom during 2019-20 academic year.
The SRC was intended to honor students who excel at one or more of the following qualities: Leadership, College and Community Service, Personal Goal Achievement and Academic Achievement. Members from departments all across the college were given forms which asked them to nominate students based on the above criteria.
“The nominators wrote a short rationale, which could be varied, for each student,” said Stacey Stover, Dean of Enrollment Services.
Faculty, staff and administration were all given nomination forms to turn in.
Funded by a grant from the Schoolcraft College Foundation, a cross-divisional committee was set up. This committee consisted of a variety of members from different departments across campus. This committee was set up to help design and implement the program that outlined the vision for the SRC.
Seventy-two students were to be honored on April 15, though the on-campus ceremony was canceled in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. This group of exemplary students who were to be recognized will still be rewarded for their achievements with a gift and a certificate that signifies how proud the college is of the students and their contributions to the college.
“After we are back on campus, we will contact students who were nominated with instructions on how to pick up their portfolio and certificate,” said Stover.
The college plans on continuing the Student Recognition Program as an annual event.
“Nothing can take away from the pride that we feel in our students and the pride that students should feel for their accomplishments,” said Cheryl Hagen, Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer.
Recognition for student’s characteristics and qualities that stand out among the rest will serve recipients well throughout their college life and as they launch their careers.
The following is a list of students who were selected to be honored for their achievements at Schoolcraft College:


Talia Anderson
Kevin Bak (Alpha Rockey Team)
Mustapha Baltaji (Alpha Rocket Team)
Kevin Bass
Evan Campau
Samantha Cassell
Joseph Choma (Alpha Rocket Team)
Victoria Creggett
Dustin Daniel
Jacob Delis (Alpha Rocket Team)
Man Hue Do (Alpha Rocket Team)
Jayson Fitzpatrick (Alpha Rocket Team)
Illice Ford
Patrick Ford
Kristen Gillis
Nicole Havro
Alicia Highland
Christine Hinkle
Klea Hoxhallari
Kyle Kaufman
Erin Lauridsen
Patrick Long (Vice President-Omricon Iota Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa)
Margaret McBride
Melanie Nagalski
Sophia Nikonowicz
Andrea Ostroskie
Carly Rembowski
Briana Stridiron
Jonathan Westemeier
Cassie Wood


Lisa Bacon
Meagan Bush (NCCWSL)
Victoria Creggett (NCCWSL & Amnesty International Club)
Sarina Crockett
Kodelia David
Chantele Fox
Miaja Fryer
Katherine Gonzalez
Madison Ling
Anthony Magewick
Shamara Newby
Sofia Rose


Mustapha Baltaji
Catreese Bell-Qualls
Tottionna Bushell (NCCWSL)
Colin Camper (President-HIT Club)
Anna Cragel (Amnesty International)
Alexandria Drake (NCCWSL)
Matthew Fular (President – Omicron Iota Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society)
Steffanie Hills
Eryn Hutchins (NCCWSL & President-Computer Graphics Club)
Iesha Jackson
Patrick Long (Vice President-Omicron Iota Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa)
Jihad Muhammad (Photo Editor-Schoolcraft Connection)
James Reddick (President-Math and Physics Club)
Armando Saucedo (Videographer-Schoolcraft Connection)
Gloria Sholla (NCCWSL)
Arjanah Slaughter (NCCWSL)
Lisa Taylor (Student Employee of the Year)
Josiah Thomas (News Editor-Schoolcraft Connection)
Corin Tyler (Secretary – Omicron Iota Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society)


Angelica Cook (President – Environmentally Friendly Club)
De’Ernest Johnson (Black Student Union)
Rian Johnson (Black Student Union)
Luke Kaledas (Schoolcraft Hockey Team)
Deasen Knight (Black Student Union)
Cassidy Mack (Black Student Union)
Joshua McKaye (Black Student Union)
Hunter Musser (Schoolcraft Hockey Team)
Bria Myers
Marie Chantal Nyirahategekimana
Jack Ores (Schoolcraft Hockey Team)
Kendall Porter (Black Student Union)
Chika Uzosike (Black Student Union)
Martha Wizgird