My final chapter


Chantele Fox, Editor-in-Chief

For the past two years I’ve been involved on campus from being Co-President of the NAEYC Schoolcraft College Student Chapter to Vice President of the Omicron Iota Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa to giving the commencement speech last year, but nothing could have prepared me for my time with the Schoolcraft Connection.
I owe so much to the Connection – the staff, the editorial team and our advisers Rena Laverty and Todd Stowell. I started out at the bottom as a staff writer working my way up to News Editor which eventually ended up with my becoming Editor-in-Chief for the last year. Throughout my journey with the paper, I met so many people, including my now boyfriend and some very close friends. I grew more as a person in discovering my strengths and weaknesses, testing my organization and time management and the overall knowing that I can overcome any hurdle that is placed in front of me.
While I had already had past leadership roles both as a student leader and in my places of employment, but the Connection allowed me to enhance my leadership and motivation style through the oversight of probably the largest team I have ever guided — a team of nineteen talented individuals. Needless to say, it was very challenging at times. However, I will say that the team building and problem-solving that came along with this position truly did test my strengths.
I want to take a moment to thank my advisers, Rena Laverty and Todd Stowell, who no matter what believed in my capabilities to lead the team. There were times where I felt so overwhelmed; times where things would pile up one thing after another; moments when I was completely at a loss and yet I knew I could always go to them for guidance. They may have held me to a high standard and had high expectations of me, but I always knew that it was for the best and for the growth of my personal capabilities.
While I am not done with my time at Schoolcraft, my time with the Connection and student leadership has reached the final chapter. While I am so saddened to see it end, I would not trade my time with the paper or with student leadership for anything. I would encourage anyone who feels like they need to do more or who feels as though they don’t belong somewhere to visit the Student Activities Office, because it truly is a decision that could change your life.
I wish the next editorial team the best of luck and I know that the paper is going to be in good hands.
So, for the last time – #StayConnected.