Virtual victory

Phi Theta Kappa finishes strong at regional convention


Matthew Fular, Staff Writer

The Michigan Region of Phi Theta Kappa held their annual regional convention virtually May 15 and your Omicron Iota chapter claimed several virtual victories along the way.
The Omicron Iota chapter won first place for their College Project and placed in the top 10 for their Honors in Action project. Individual awards were also won by member Mustapha Baltaji, second runner-up for Distinguished Chapter Member, with and chapter officers Matthew Fular and Patrick Long taking who third and fourth runner-up respectively for Distinguished Chapter Officer.
Omicron Iota competed against 30 other chapters throughout the state. The convention only recognizes the top 10 chapters for their College Project and Honors in Action entries, the top 4 members for their chapter involvement and the top 5-chapter officers for the service to their chapters.
Hosted this year by Grand Rapids Community College, the Michigan regional convention was held online for the first time since the region’s founding a little over 30 years ago. A combination of Zoom breakout sessions and livestreaming on YouTube allowed the event to go off without a hitch.
The convention was originally scheduled to be held from May 15-17 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, however, with social distancing guidelines still in effect, the annual event was condensed into a one-day massive livestream May 15.
The Michigan Region of Phi Theta Kappa is known as the fellowship region, and the event reflected that. Kind words of support and encouragement flooded the chat as soon as the stream went live on YouTube, bringing some much-needed joy to these trying times. The event was free to all members and alumni from the Michigan region.

Bittersweet Victory

This year’s Phi Theta Kappa officer team saw victory on both the regional and international levels, bringing a year of hard work to a fulfilling close. At the international convention this past April, Omicron Iota won Most Distinguished College Project. Placing in the top 50 out of the 1,200 chapters across the nation. At regionals, they placed top 10 in all but two categories, cementing another year of success for the chapter.
The regional convention marked the bittersweet end for the 2019-2020 Omicron Iota officer team. Where this team’s journey ends, another begins.
The 2019-2020 Omicron Iota Officer team includes:
President: Matthew Fular
Vice President: Patrick Long
Vice President of Leadership: Lisa Taylor
Vice President of Scholarship: Obioma Opara
Vice President of Service: Rania Baraka
Secretary: Corin Tyler
For more information about the Omicron Iota chapter, please visit