Learning Support Services to host open question and answer sessions

Matthew Fular, Editor-in-Chief

Do you have questions about Schoolcraft and are not sure which department to turn too? Well, then Talk-o-Tuesdays are for you. With several sessions planned throughout the summer months, students will have plenty of time to get their questions answered before Fall. Not to mention, you will also get insight into some fantastic taco recipes in the spirit of “Taco Tuesdays.”
The first event of the series will take place June 16. From 2 to 3:30 p.m. the Learning Support Services (LSS) in conjunction with staff members from other departments on campus will answer questions in an open forum. The first forum will focus on answering your questions regarding financial aid.
The other two entries in the series will be held July 14 and Aug. 18 during the same time frame. The July event will focus on answering all of your questions regarding student services on campus, while the August event will focus on answering questions pertaining to academic advising.
All three events will be held on zoom, with links for each event still to come. Don’t forget to prepare your questions and recipe books for the upcoming question and answer forums. Check out the LSS page on the Schoolcraft website to stay up to date on these events and others: