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Artistic Expression in the Time of Corona-V Exhibit opens for submissions


Vae O’Neil, A&E Editor

Everyone has had to cope with our pandemic in one way or another. Some try to educate others on how to stay safe, some pretend that there’s no pandemic at all, and others make art to express themselves. The National Organization for Student Success (NOSSMi) has a little treat for artists in particular. The Artistic Expression in the Time of Corona-V Exhibit is a virtual art exhibit open for submissions from anyone 18 or older and according to Schoolcraft English and History professor Dr. Steven Berg, is meant “to give individuals a way to discuss the pandemic.” Berg is also the current President of the Michigan Chapter of NOSSMi.

 The keywords here are “discussion” and “pandemic,” meaning that either the artists explicitly address the pandemic through their work, or that their art is created during the time of the pandemic. NOSSMi considers the beginning of this Pandemic TimeTM to be Jan. 1, 2020, anything created on or after that date is fair game.

“Artists can do this by specifically addressing COVID-19 or by exhibiting work that was done during the time of the pandemic,” says Berg. “Viewers can respond to the pieces that were shared by the artists.”

Artists can submit up to three art pieces, though each must be of its own artistic discipline. Submissions can be of 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional art, poetry, short prose, short scripts, short films/documentaries, video of original music and other representations.

Please note that videos may not contain sound/music that is protected by United States copyright law.

For example, an eligible trio of submissions from an artist might look like one poem, a painting, and an original video. Any more than one of these, or any other venue of artistry – like two essays and a song – would not be eligible for submission. Though as far as the number of artistic disciplines that are allowed, any and every category goes. 

This exhibit takes form as an online gallery, with a tentative chance that it may be offered in a type of book format, of which NOSSMi reserves the right to publish at a later time. The exhibit is also a sort of quantum contest. There are contestants, and there are judges to decide whose work gets into the virtual showroom.

There will not be is any cash prizes since the NOSSMi conference is free this year, though a handful of artists will get the award of recognition with “Best of Show,” “Juror’s Choice #1,” “Juror’s Choice #2,” and “Viewer’s Choice.” 

The primary audience of the exhibit is educators, though the event is being widely publicized toward the art community. It is free to enter and you do not need to be a member of NOSSMi to submit work.

As part of the entry form, you will be asked to provide a title for your artwork, a description of your artwork, and a biographical sketch. You will also be asked if you would like to include contact information to be included in the online gallery. Finally, you will be given the option to submit a photograph of yourself to include with your biographical sketch.

For more details regarding submissions and eligibility, visit NOSSMi’s dedicated information page. All entries must be submitted by the deadline of Sept. 1, at 11:59 p.m. and the entry form can be found here. For any additional questions, please contact [email protected].

Image courtesy of nossmi.org