Skewed reality

People’s perception of reality is often a clouded view of the world.

Many people’s perception of events is different than reality By Elizabeth Cansella, Managing Editor Perception and reality are two concepts that people fight with in their minds. Perception is how someone understands […]

Wasting Away

According to Americans waste 133 billion pounds of food a

American’s food waste is at epic proportions By Camyle Cryderman According to, 133 billion pounds of readily available food went uneaten in America in 2010. That equates to 31 percent of […]

Pin hunting


Schoolcraft bowling teams compete to win By Ross Guider, Staff Writer Winning has not been an issue for second year Schoolcraft bowling Head Coach Patrick Yelsik. Right from the start, his coaching […]

Focus on change

Immigrant communities

Schoolcraft focus series shines light on modern immigration By Camyle Cryderman, Editor-in-chief After a successful fall semester focusing on South East Asia, the Schoolcraft College International Institute (SCII) is proud to present […]

Achieving Excellence

Business Degree

College’s online Associate Degree in Business Administration program ranked 15th best in the country By Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor Thanks to the hard work of many of Schoolcraft’s staff and students, […]

Brew to you


Brewing and Distillation certificate program is taking off By Kim Sorenson, News Editor Implemented in the fall of 2015, the Schoolcraft College Brewing and Distillation certificate program has recently begun its second […]

Hard work pays off


Manufacturing Department head receives prestigious award By Chris Skarnulis, Arts and Entertainment Editor Schoolcraft prides itself in many different categories of excellence including the accomplishments achieved in the departments of instruction. One […]

Think Sky-High


Multi-sport athletic dome coming to Schoolcraft’s campus By Elaine Gerou, Staff Writer Throughout the past year, Schoolcraft has formed many great partnerships to help students gain the most out of their college experience […]

Major setback


Men’s basketball forfeits six games By James Paxson, Sports Editor The Schoolcraft Men’s Basketball team started off the season solid, winning 11 of their first 13 games, good for first place in […]


“Creed” adds an intriguing new angle to the Rocky series By Camyle Cryderman Managing Editor Rating: 4 out of 5 After a nearly 10 year break between films, “Creed,” the seventh installment […]

Weigh the options


Students should attend community colleges before universities By The Schoolcraft  Connection Editorial Staff Since 2000, the average student debt that a four-year college graduate will have to pay back upon graduation has […]


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