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Professor Nancy Anter wins Educator of the Year award


Ben Bolstrum, Campus Life Editor

Professors can inspire students to try their best in the classroom. The National Organization for Student Success (NOSS) mission is this and has awarded Schoolcraft Professor Nancy Anter with the 2019 Educator of the Year Award.
NOSS, previously named the Michigan Developmental Education Consortium (MDEC), is a nonprofit organization which assists educators with learning techniques they can implement to help students succeed with their academic pursuits. This organization formed in 1981 to discuss methods and concerns that pertained to the future of education. NOSS is dedicated to maintaining this goal for future generations.
Anter who holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, earned a Master of Arts in Teaching with a major in English with a concentration in composition theory from Wayne State University. She has been teaching for nearly 30 years and her tenure at Schoolcraft began in 2012.
She now teaches Collegiate Skills, a class structured around using strategies and analysis to further the comprehension skills of students who struggle with reading. This is done by identifying the intent and purpose within a literary work to better understand the goal of an author. Anter chose this class to teach due to her affinity for English as well as her passion for helping students improve their work.
“The students motivate me, for sure. They’re funny, smart and sometimes painfully honest,” states Anter when expressing her motivation for teaching. “I’m honored to be a part of their academic and personal journey. Going to college (or going back) can be a delicate time in someone’s life and I hope to encourage and inspire. It’s a bonus if my students like to read at the end of the semester.”
She further went on to explain her experience as a professor, citing it as organic. Anter understands that every semester is different and there are always surprises, great successes and new challenges.
“I strive to make each class dynamic and try to avoid straight lectures. Most of my students are reluctant readers so if I can do something to spark their interest in reading, then I’ve met a personal goal,” she continues.
Anter explains her teaching strategy as ‘brain-compatible’ which means she teaches in ways that take advantage of how the brain naturally works. One method she uses is presenting new material in novel ways so it is easier for students to focus on and remember.
“Dr. Deborah Daiek, Emeritus Dean of Schoolcraft College has been, a supervisor, mentor and friend of mine for many years,” Anter commented. “She has influenced my teaching philosophy, offered me multiple opportunities to advance my career and encouraged me along the way.”
In providing insight into how students and professors could improve. Anter explains, “[Students should] be realistic when balancing work hours with school [and professors] should love [their] students and subject.”
Those who struggle with reading may find success by signing up for Professor Anter’s Critical Reading and Thinking Applications class.

Photo by Jihad Muhammad | Photo Editor