Netflix shows worth watching

Guide to shows and films premiering September 2020


Vae O’Neil, A&E Editor

As the age of quarantine rages onward, many remain in their homes staring listlessly at their screens with unfocused eyes, wandering the cinematic catacombs of Netflix and other streaming services with no destination in sight. Take a gander at the fresh remedy below: a simple list of noteworthy shows, films, and other watchables that are soon to be released on Netflix.
The Playbook
Sept. 22
Premiering this week is The Playbook, a sports-centered docuseries following the careers of several titanic coaches found in different corners of competitive athleticism. Some of the names in question are the LA Clippers’ Doc Rivers, two-time FIFA World Cup-winning coach Jill Ellis, Serena Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou along with many others. Rich interviews in each of the five episodes will uncover momentous events in every coach’s professional timeline, and how they built people into the professional sportsmen and women they are today.
Enola Holmes
Sept. 23
Based off a series of young adult novels by Nancy Springer, Millie Bobby Brown brings Sherlock Holmes’ kid sister Enola to the not-so-big screen. In this new film, Enola goes on a quest to find mother Holmes, who’s gone missing. Brown is accompanied by Henry Cavil, Sam Clafin and Helena Bonham Carter as Enola’s kin.
The Chef Show
Second Season
Sept. 24
Best known for his roles in making many a Marvel Movies, Jon Favreau is serving up a second season of his cooking and culture show where he combines forces with LA chef Roy Choi.
The Boys in the Band
Sept. 30
Adapted from a play by Mart Crowley, all is going well when a group of gay men celebrate their friend’s birthday overnight; when an uninvited guest comes crashing the party with urgent news. Among the cast are Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, Matt Boomer and Andrew Rannells.
Hubie Halloween
Oct. 7
It seems that Adam Sandler takes his threats seriously. Most notably is the one he made for the off chance that his film Uncut Gems fails to win an Oscar; a threat to make the worst movie of his entire career. And it’s coming. Sandler stars as Hubie Dubois, an aloof little oaf with what audiences can interpret as either an odd accent or a speech impediment. Hubie just adores Halloween and the spooky season, and is left to face some real monsters alone when everyone thinks he’s crying wolf. Others conjoined in the cast list are such as Kenan Thompson, Maya Rudolph, Steve Buscemi and a whole lot more people plucked from the celebrity grab bag.