The Great Foodie Challenge

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the National Honor Society at Schoolcraft and is home to high-achieving academics and future leaders. Every year, the Omicron Iota Chapter at Schoolcraft participates in the Honor Society’s yearly research project, Honors in Action (HIA). The HIA requires the chapter’s officer team to investigate a topic provided by the Honor Society’s Headquarters and then research the cause and effects in order to reach a sound solution to the initial problem they investigated.

The HIA Study Guide for this year’s project had the overarching topic of inheritance and legacy, with various themes chapters could select that fall under that umbrella. The Omicron Iota Chapter selected this year was Theme 3: Trade, Craftsmanship and Industry. The officer team specifically looked at supply chain management for the meat and produce industries. Their research eventually led them to conclude that produce was a cheaper, cleaner option. As a result, the team decided their action would be the “Great Foodie Challenge.”

The challenge took place during December and involved members, alumni and community members sending in their vegetarian and vegan recipes to compile produce based dishes. The goal was to produce a small cookbook that promoted veggie dishes in the new year.

Below and available for download is the final compilation of the recipes from the Great Foodie Challenge. With a total of 22 recipes, the cost of the dish and its nutritional value, the cookbook takes the guesswork out of meal prep.

Stay tuned for a video recapping Omicron Iota’s 2020 Honors in Action Project.