Shaping tomorrow’s world, today

Engineering Club offers network for like-minded collegiate students


Alex Hawthorne, Staff Writer

In a world shaped by its scientific and technological advancement, engineers have been the cornerstone of it all. From designing, building and testing; engineers have defined the world through the marvels of their creations. It’s easy to see why interest has been growing for these careers seeing as the field encompasses the applications of science, technology, math and design. Luckily, the Schoolcraft’s Engineering Club is here to help cultivate the minds of our aspiring professionals every Wednesday at 5 p.m. over Zoom.

Schoolcraft’s Engineering Club focuses on project-based learning, which teaches students through hands-on projects utilizing concepts learned in the classroom and applying those to real-world scenarios. Some projects the club has worked on include designing a wind turbine, launching rockets and constructing trebuchets from scratch among much more. Currently, the club is working on revitalizing a greenhouse, programming microcontrollers and harnessing solar power. 

President Evelina Gauthier (left) and Vice President Joe Fuchs (right).

“I see a bright future for the club filled with commitment, creativity, innovation, strong leadership and growth. While we may be small now, strength comes in numbers and the more we can acquire, the grander our club can become to fellow engineering students,” states President Evelina Gautheir when asked what the future holds for the club.

Through its many activities and projects, the Engineering Club offers many opportunities for growth and enrichment for all its members. While the scope of the projects was limited due to COVID, the young club has already established itself through its rocket program in 2019-2020.

“The benefits come from both a place of practicality and friendship. Much of the practicality is in how you can develop a wide range of skills from excel, programming, materials information and physics knowledge. Besides being good resume boosters, these practical skills teach you how to think from working on projects with others,” states Vice President Joe Fuchs, when asked about the academic benefits of the club.

From collaborative projects to networking with fellow engineering students, Schoolcraft Colleges Engineering Club serves not only to develop the interest of aspiring engineers, but can serve as a symbol of what a student can become here at Schoolcraft College.

For any of those interested in joining Engineering Club please contact, Evelina Gautheir at [email protected] or vice president, Joe Fuchs, at [email protected].

For information on more clubs offered at Schoolcraft, go to or call 734-462-4422.