Bollywood Bash 2021

Armando Saucedo, Alex Hawthorne, and Matthew Fular

Matthew Fular, Editor-in-Chief

On Feb. 28, the Schoolcraft Media Department and members from the Connection filmed the production for the 7th Annual Bollywood Bash 2021. The presentations this year included various dance and musical performances, all playing on the theme of “Rebirth.”

The goal of the event was to create awareness around human trafficking and raise funds for a vital non-profit involved in helping survivors, Sanctum House.

Sanctum House provides a home for human trafficking survivors, in addition to providing a variety of other services and care to women in need. COVID-19 created some hurdles for the non-profit, but even in the face of the new challenges Sanctum House continued to shelter and provide vital services to those who needed it. The show set out to help raise funds for the non-profit, and they accomplished it.

Since the program first aired live, the Center of Performance Arts and Learning (CPAL) have raised $10,000 for Sanctum House.

The original performance asked for a monetary donation to watch the broadcast, now the production is available to anyone who would like to see it. The donation link set up by the CPAL in coordination with Sanctum House is still live, so those interested in donating can use the following link:

For more information on Sanctum House and the services they provide, please visit: