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Student Activities Board looking for new members to join their ranks


Alex Hawthorne, Staff Writer

The college experience is built upon the ideals of scholarship, communication, service and self-discovery. Though in the midst of a global pandemic with the world changing in the blink of an eye that whole idea of “The College Experience” is now to many people a distant memory.

Throughout the age of COVID-19, people have been putting their social, professional, academic and personal life on a temporary shutdown to recover from the effects of this major travesty.

Now, with more vaccines being distributed, restrictions being lifted and colleges allowing more students on its premises, it would be no better time than now to regain some level of what the college experience is by joining the Student Activities Board (SAB).

SAB is open to all registered students, and those looking to joining can start by attending meetings hosted on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. over Zoom.

The Student Activities Board is composed of a variety of hard working and dedicated students ranging from a variety of backgrounds, all with the goal of getting students involved socially, academically and vocationally. Various events held by SAB have included, election involvement, food pantries fundraisers, movie nights, sending nursing homes Christmas cards, games of dodgeball and more.

Student Activities Board president, Grace Forte, states that the importance of SAB, “Comes from the sense of community that being part of a group larger than yourself builds, without other students taking charge and joining events we wouldn’t even have this group.”

Though the pandemic has made it exceedingly difficult to host events in person, the SAB has been pushing for safe online events as well as implementing major safety practices when hosting events on campus.

“While Covid has greatly impacted my life in a way I will never forget, being part of SAB and participating in the events have really helped me forget my troubles in exchange for a fun, sociable experiences with other students,” states Riley Trainor, vice president of the SAB, regarding how the club helped her through the pandemic.

In the midst of these tumultuous times, SAB is here to take the lead and help students take some comfort socially through many in person and virtual events, in a certain sense bringing back part of the college experience.

For anyone interested in joining these Zoom calls and taking part in these events may email any of the following club officers:

President Grace Forte at [email protected].

Vice president Riley Trainor at [email protected].

PR Officer Alex Hawthorne at [email protected].

For more information on clubs offered at Schoolcraft, visit: or call 734-462-4422.