Karbownik: Going Big

Dude Perfect and Groundbreaking Trick Shots


Matt Karbownik, Production Artist

Fans of trick shots, comedy or sports content will surely find something to enjoy about American YouTube channel Dude Perfect, a must-see project on the platform. In addition to that, their YouTube Originals documentary Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass is also worth viewing, because it describes what made this channel as successful and likable as it is today.


As explained by Tyler Toney (one of the five main members of the channel) in the Dude Perfect documentary, he and his four best friends; Garrett Hilbert, Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton and Cody Jones got their start at Texas A&M University by doing trick shots and playing other competitive games. Their first major video on doing basketball trick shots in their home backyard was what made Dude Perfect a viral sensation. From that point on, Dude Perfect made a name for themselves and was becoming viral throughout the internet.

The struggles of committing

With many things in life, there are always drawbacks which was no different for Dude Perfect. The members experienced a stressful, but normal stage in life after college with trying to balance new relationships and new jobs, all while still having the desire and motivation to keep the channel going. This stage in Dude Perfect was one of the toughest each member had to go through; things got so bad that Toney’s boss got angry with him for missing work because of a video the crew at Dude Perfect were filming on the day. One thing was then clear to the members at Dude Perfect: they had to commit to Dude Perfect or quit it for good. Luckily for the group, their decision to fully commit to Dude Perfect and quit their normal jobs ended with a massive payoff and its content only got better.

Going beyond trick shots

Some of the many successes to come out of Dude Perfect’s rise to fame includes three seasons of a TV show on Nickelodeon, getting the opportunity to travel to different places around the world and being able to work some of the biggest celebrities, like Green Bay Packers all star quarterback Aaron Rodgers and high-profile actor Zac Efron.

In 2019, Dude Perfect was awarded the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award, which is an award presented by the Make-A-Wish Foundation for celebrities who go to the next level in helping children that face threatening medical conditions. This success has also allowed the channel to expand their content into other forms of entertainment, such as the channel’s comedic video series known as “Stereotypes” and its take on a variety show known as “Overtime.” This newly innovative, but amazing content proves that Dude Perfect is more than just trick shots and as a result, more comedic value has been added, numerous world records have been broken and so much more.

Personality Traits

From the minute a video from this channel is clicked on, there’s an immediate sense as to how big Dude Perfect is as a YouTube Channel with their highly competitive, caring, but positive energy that they bring to make the experience of watching their content that much more enjoyable. A major factor in Dude Perfect’s success revolves around what each person brings to the table. Toney is the face of the group and driving force of continuing to make amazing content while the Cotton twins help with marketing and running Dude Perfect as a competitive, but very friendly, caring, and comedic atmosphere. Jones brings a lot of comedic value and high energy attitude to the group and Hilbert is the guy who keeps the group organized and brings that stability factor that many groups like this need. As shown throughout the channel’s documentary, family, friends and faith are all very important to Dude Perfect and continues to be a big motivator for them to continue making amazing content that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy.

Key Takeaways

With Dude Perfect continuing to be a successful channel on YouTube, it’s no wonder that they are a big inspiration for so many people.

Dude Perfect’s story is one of describing the importance of how friends, family and faith can all lead to a successful, enjoyable, and healthy life. It is also a story that encompasses the importance of how easy it is for someone to go viral online and then making that decision to commit to that rise of fandom and fame for a potential career. Finally, Dude Perfect teaches people how you can live a regular life while maintaining a connection to fame. As Dude Perfect continues to become more popular, their content will continue to push the limits.

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