Karbownik: Telling stories and changing lives

YouTuber, Dhar Mann, creates positive content for viewers to enjoy


Matt Karbownik, Production Artist

Looking for some excellent life advice to make you a better person? Need some motivation to pursue your dreams when all hope seems lost? Do you enjoy life changing stories?

These are just some of the many reasons that make Dhar Mann an American YouTuber and entrepreneur such a special and enjoyable channel to watch.

Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann started a video production company known as Dhar Mann Studios back in 2018. This company aims at creating positive messages and serves to teach people important life lessons based on real life situations that are portrayed through various actors/actresses. As of now, Mann’s channel on YouTube, known as Dhar Mann, has 10 million subscribers with over 20 billion views.

Mann’s videos cover a wide range of topics that stem from racism, sexism, cyber and in-person bullying, peer pressure, discrimination on people with disabilities (social, mental, and physical), dating and relationship problems, among many others. As stated commonly by Mann himself, all these topics line up with one goal in mind: “We’re not just telling stories, we’re changing lives.”

Some of the many notable videos include a son learning a valuable lesson to honor those people who sacrificed their lives to protect the United States, a brother of an Autistic boy who learns what Autism really is and how its misconceptions can be false or misleading and a classroom teacher misjudging an African American student doing drugs and learns to not judge someone right away based on their appearance.

Antagonizing or misconception-based characters often learn their lessons through simple, but powerful short phrases that then translate into emotional and life changing stories that are told by those characters who are most hurt or emotional from the negative portrayed character. Some of the most common type of phrases that are used to teach people the life changing lessons and advice are phrases such as, “So you see (or ‘you see’)” and “As someone once taught (‘or told’) me.” These phrases alone are what make Dhar Mann videos and content so popular and awe-inspiring to watch. Some characters however, particularly those that are feeling let down or unmotivated, often learn their lessons through someone showing or explaining to them an item of importance, backed by a brief, but powerful story.

However, despite this success that Mann has had, there has also been some criticism made against his channel. Some of the criticism made against Mann’s content ranges from toxic positivity, videos that involve racism, and the over-exaggeration of certain situations and characters. An example of toxic positivity stems from a video in which a husband emotionally abuses his wife and is automatically deemed trustworthy by the wife again after saying sorry once. As for videos with racism, one video showcases a white woman is supposed to have learned a lesson on how she shouldn’t have judged her son’s friend (who is black). The son’s friend gives him an expensive laptop and it is revealed that the friend’s dad is a vice president of one of the biggest companies in the world. The issue with this video as deemed by various critics, is that the African American friend needs to prove himself to the mom to earn her respect. Not only is it bad for the video, but it also sends a bad message to people of other minority groups in a similar situation like the one shown in the video.

Finally, people have called out Mann’s videos of over-exaggerating certain situations or characters due to the fact that some are purposely made to be as negative as possible to show that these negative people are the ones who are supposed to learn a lesson. In the real world though, some do not always regret the decisions or actions they delivered on people immediately.

Despite such criticisms, Dhar Mann has continued to make a large and widespread positive impact on people’s lives ranging from all ages, backgrounds, religions and much more.

If Dhar Mann addresses the criticisms made against his channel and corrects these mistakes, Mann’s content will only continue to get better and become more popular which will bring more life changing, inspirational and motivational lessons that live up to his goal of: “Not just telling stories, [but] changing lives.”

To check out Dhar Mann’s YouTube channel, click here.