Karbownik: Who says online influencers can’t box?


Matt Karbownik, Production Artist

After witnessing yet another stunning KO win from YouTube star turned pro boxer Jake Paul against Ben Askren April 17, 2021 (Nate Robinson was the last opponent to get knocked out by Paul), he has once again proven to the world that he does take boxing seriously and has further verified his status as a professional boxer.

What makes this victory for Paul more stunning was the fact that he KO’d an all-star free-style wrestling Olympian champion and a highly known former UFC fighter in under two minutes in the first round. While Askren may have been able to defend a few of Paul’s attacks and land a couple good punches, it was not enough to stop Paul’s more calculated, but powerful attacks and defensive blocks.

While there were some people that congratulated Paul for his win over Askren, there were plenty of other reactions that came out of this fight as well. Many spectators expressed their shock or disappointment over Ben’s performance in the fight or claimed that it was fake based on the way it ended. There have also been more challengers calling out Paul for a potential fight such as Dillon Danis, a professional mixed martial artist who trained all-star UFC fighter Conor McGregor for his boxing matches against pro fighters Nate Diaz and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Another fight that could possibly happen in the future for Paul would be against Floyd Mayweather, especially since Jake Paul’s older brother, Logan Paul (American YouTuber), just fought him very recently. Not to mention the fact that Jake Paul also stole Floyd Mayweather’s hat during the news conference between Mayweather and the older Paul brother before the fight, which resulted in higher promotion for the event and helped promote a possible confrontation between the younger Paul brother and Mayweather. This moment in particular has made people question why Floyd did not fight Jake Paul instead of Logan Paul.

As of now, it has been confirmed by Jake Paul and various other media outlets that he will be taking on former 5-time Welterweight UFC champion Tyrone Woodley. What makes Woodley more challenging than Ben Askren is the fact that Woodley is a more effective striker than Askren and has been known to deliver some powerful punches.

When analyzing Jake Paul’s past fights (along with the most recent one) and his workouts leading up to these fights, it is more than valid to say that Paul can box. He has clearly shown his commitment to the sport of boxing, and his boxing team has proven to be very effective in building up his skills and body movement to help him remain undefeated in the ring.

The main takeaway from this fight is that some online influencers that are getting into the sport of boxing should not be negatively judged for their fighting/boxing skills right away just because of their bad personalities.

Like it or not, online influencers are continuing to prove that they will be the future of boxing and the key to how the sport can stay popular.

While Paul has yet to fight a full-time professional boxer, his motivation to continue his career will only grow with the opportunity to prove to the world that online influencers can box no matter how unlikable some of them may be.