Detours to campus

Ongoing I-275 construction to impact commute

Hana Abu Hamdan, Staff Writer

Be prepared to find an alternate route to campus for the next few months as major road construction is underway. Those who rely on I-275, 6 mile Road and M-14 Schoolcraft Road bridge for their commute may have noticed a major increase in traffic and road construction. This will affect both Wayne and Monroe counties until the repairs are complete.

Construction is undereway in the hopes of transforming the old roads into ones with a bigger life-expectancy while increasing safety. In addition, drainage will also be improved by this work and the significant changes will create more efficient roads around campus. Estimates conclude that the repairs will be finished around the end of October.

Be aware, starting Monday, Aug. 2 northbound I-275 will only have 2 lanes, between I-94 and M-14. Furthermore, both northbound and southbound I-275 will only have one lane open, which is from Huron River Road extending to I-94. This process will continue until the end of this fall.

What does this mean for Schoolcraft commuters?

There are specific detours for both eastbound and westbound roads. For eastbound Schoolcraft Road, traffic will be directed to eastbound 5 mile Road, then southbound Haggerty Road going back onto eastbound Schoolcraft Road.

For westbound Schoolcraft Road, traffic will be moved to northbound Haggerty Road, afterward going onto westbound 5 mile Road back to westbound Schoolcraft Road.

This construction should bring with it bridge improvements, but there are detours available for those who rely on these roads. Those on northbound I-275 that are heading for westbound 6 mile Road can go on northbound I-275 onto westbound 7 mile Road then onto southbound I-275, which is also on the way to westbound 6 mile Road.

Southbound I-275 traffic heading for eastbound 6 mile Road will use southbound I-275 to eastbound Ann Arbor Road, then northbound I-275 to eastbound 6 mile Road.

For eastbound 6 mile Road, instead, drivers will take northbound Haggerty Road, then eastbound 7 mile Road to southbound Newburgh Road back to eastbound 6 mile Road.

Westbound 6 mile Road will be detoured to northbound Newburgh Road, then westbound 7 mile Road to southbound Haggerty Road back to westbound 6 mile Road.

To stay updated on traffic and road construction information, visit Revive 275 or MDOT.