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Schoolcraft Foundation launches educational blog covering future of work, education and investment


Alex Hawthorne , Staff Writer

Engage, transform and inspire. These are the three core guiding principles that the Schoolcraft Foundation abides by as they serve the Ocelot community. These precise principles, in fact, are what have led to the creation of the new Schoolcraft Foundation blog by the exact same name. The blog is meant to serve as a way for foundation members in the Schoolcraft Community to express themselves in regards to topics such as trends, the future of work, education and general community investment.

According to Dawn Magretta, Executive director at the Schoolcraft Foundation and Alumni Relations, “ There seemed to be a lot of information that people didn’t realize all of the facets of community colleges, the needs of business and the value that the college, our faculty and staff bring to the community.” so starting the blog from the Foundation would really help with this. 

However, these blogs are not actually limited to Foundation members. Others in the community such as partners, staff and even students are welcomed with open arms to write for the blog and will be frequently invited as much as other faculty members, the blog is updated monthly on the 20th (sometimes twice a month) and is pushed out through social media with new and interesting reads to enjoy.  Currently there are 10 handcrafted posts made and ready to be read. 

The goal of the blog according to Magretta is about “Educating readers about the value of community colleges, the direction that the future of work and education are going, the importance of investing in community college programs, student scholarships and projects that are over and above the current revenue sources” as well as to “position Schoolcraft College and the Schoolcraft College Foundation as innovative leaders in this space.” With these ambitious goals in mind there are looking to be more good things to come from this and hopefully more happening on the horizon for this blog.

With all hands-on deck prepared to create new and exciting content for all the readers this blog will be a nice addition to any reader’s digest. 

To check out this blog, please visit https://scf.schoolcraft.edu/category/engage-transform-inspire/ in order to sign up for updates through your email and start reading. They hope to see you clicking through very soon.