How to Make the Best Scrambled Eggs (Not Scientific)


Armando Saucedo, Multimedia Editor

Throughout high school I’ve had the pleasure of being known for my thermos of coffee that I brought in every morning. I wasn’t an early riser. Normally it would be a wake up, shower, get dressed and rush out the door type situation. I never really had time to make a nice breakfast even though I love to cook. Cooking is one of those things that lets me be creative. I’m not the best cook in the world, but I enjoy it as if I’m painting a picture. One I get to eat afterward.

I made it my goal (nay my journey) to try and make the best egg breakfast that a person in a rush could do easily. In hindsight I probably should have been doing my homework but hey, it’s all right. Now I am the teacher and it’s time for your egg-xam. Keep in mind that I’m not reinventing the wheel, this is a simple recipe from a simple man.

Here you have before you:

1 pan
1 mixing bowl
1 whisk or fork
1 silicone mixing spatula
1 plate
2 eggs
Tortilla (optional)
Avocado (optional)
Hot Sauce (optional)

-Heat the pan on high by itself for around 30 seconds, put the butter in the pan to melt until bubbles appear. You want to get the pan hot.

-While that happens, mix the two eggs together with salt in the bowl, you should be getting minimal bubbles in the eggs.

-Once the pan is hot and the eggs are mixed, pour the eggs in the pan and start moving it with the spatula. You want to turn it with broad strokes that makes the egg stay solid and less broken apart than if you were to mix it normally. This should only take around 10 seconds to cook the eggs and then take the pan away from the flame.

– You can put it on a plate with salt and pepper and enjoy plain eggs like that. However, if you want to add some more flavor onto it then I would suggest putting it on a flour tortilla with some avocado, and hot sauce.

And that’s what I eat if I want to make something that tastes good when I’m in a hurry, hopefully you’ll try this recipe out for yourself.

If you do, send us a photo or other recipes to share at [email protected]. Have fun cooking!