Step into the spotlight

Schoolcraft Theatre Department presents “Something at Last,” Nov. 1


Alex Hawthorne , Staff Writer

Ah the theatre; a place where art, beauty, creativity and humanity shine it’s glistening light through the eyes of all those who enter its wall. The Schoolcraft Theatre department has returned to bring back that magic to the community with its fall production, “Something at Last.” Written as a companion piece for last winter’s play, “Alone/Together” which served to tell the story of six different perspectives coping with the COVID-19 quarentine, “Something at Last” tells six dynamic and current stories about the people emerging from isolation in order to face the new world ahead of them.

Co-written by Michael Alan Herman and Joseph Zettelmaier the play is hoping to capture young hearts and minds through the very challenging times of today. In a sense, giving people new views on the way in which we think about coming back from isolation,especially during the pandemic. It is a six character play filled with heart and emotion.

According to the director of the play, Paul Beer, the play notably encompasses a variety of Schoolcraft students, faculty, staff, and community members to perform in this one time production. The main cast consists of Emily Betz as Ambrosia, Bryan LaMance as Jude, Hassan Charmout as Devon, Julia Gilweski as Quinn, Gavin Corrigan as Jim and Essie Palazzola as Kennedy.

While the performance is not being held live in the theatre this semester due to covid concerns the play will be available for free streaming on YouTube starting November 1 at noon. This production is approximately 45 minutes long and the recording of the stream will be up for a week afterward before being taken down.

The Schoolcraft theatre program aims to “entertain the Schoolcraft Community, involve students and community members in our productions” with this new show. “Something at Last” will not disappoint. With enthusiasm and joy the Schoolcraft Theatre will not slouch for this one time production. Without further ado “Something at Last” is bound to entertain.

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