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iFLY Detroit makes the dream of flight a reality to visitors with indoor skydiving


Claire Smith

A young flyer extends his hands out in joy during his flight in iFLY’s wind tunnel.

Matt Karbownik, Layout and Design Editor

Thrill seekers around the world may dream about being able to fly like Superman or skydive like Ethan Hunt from “Mission Impossible,” but iFLY Detroit aims to turn that dream into a reality.

Located in Novi off of I-96 and Novi Road, this facility is a recently installed franchise of its parent company iFLY. The building boasts an advanced ninth generation wind tunnel, features glide in the sky jump suits that scream something out of “Mission Impossible,” has world class skydiving instructors while ensuring and enforcing top tier safety guidelines.

iFLY’s main goal is to give people the opportunity to experience flight while allowing them to creatively express themselves, as well as advanced flight experience for pros.

iFLY Detroit, dedicated to the sport also known as indoor skydiving, recently opened its doors in Novi. (Claire Smith)

If this sounds dangerous, don’t worry. Safety is guaranteed at iFLY through rigorous training which consists of re-learning how to walk, three weeks of practice in wind related conditions, a week outside the wind tunnel preparing and training for that environment. A classroom training session and an instructor is always at the door of the tunnel watching the participants to ensure that things are being done safely. Additionally, participants also fly one-on-one with the instructor for the first flight in the wind tunnel.

It’s best to wear athletic clothes while flying without any jewelry. Assuming all goes well, the instructors will allow participants more freedom in the tunnel with the ultimate goal of being able to fly in the tunnel without them. Participants cannot fly in the tunnel if they don’t meet the required weight limit. People with shoulder dislocations are advised not to fly. For people with breathing issues, the wind tunnel is actually very breathable and accommodating to these conditions.

Visitors who fly at iFLY should be aware of pricing. The cost to participate will cost some pocket change for first time flyers. Two minutes of flight in the wind tunnel will cost around $80, which includes everything that goes with the first-time training. After this however, discounted packages will become available and the more a person flies, the cheaper it will be.

iFLY also allows great opportunity in the world of media as well. The facility can be used in entertainment franchises, as an aerospace and research facility or a military solution, the tunnel systems can help develop and deliver solutions in these cases. They have experienced major success off their wind tunnel systems and products. As a result, they are the world’s largest wind tunnel manufacturer and operator. The company has achieved this through its operations in 19 different countries along with its 89 commissioned tunnels and 324 spinning fans. It’s also worth noting that iFLY also provides its amazing indoor skydiving experience on cruise ships like those for Royal Caribbean International along with a variety of other countries like Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Instructors and other staff have also been involved in training celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Bruce Greenwood along with NBA star Shaquelle O’Neal.

The company also holds the record of constructing the world’s tallest wind tunnel for CLYMB out in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The tunnel is 32 feet in diameter and has a flyable height over 104 feet, all while “recreating the sky.”

Overall, iFLY Detroit is something to check off the dreams bucket list of stuff and will fulfill dreams of what it’s like to experience flight.

For more information on iFLY, please visit

iFLY Detroit

26975 Adell Center Drive

Novi, MI 48375

(313) 730-4359

Two minutes of flight in the wind tunnel will cost you around $80.