Come Fly With Me | iFly Detroit makes the dream of flight a reality


Claire Smith

iFLY Detroit, dedicated to the sport also known as indoor skydiving, recently opened its doors in Novi.

Armando Saucedo

Thrill seekers around the world may dream about being able to fly like Superman or skydive like Tom Cruise from “Mission Impossible,” but iFLY Detroit aims to turn that dream into a reality.

Located in Novi off of I-96 and Novi Road, is a recently installed franchise of its parent company iFLY. The building boasts an advanced ninth generation wind tunnel, features glide in the sky jumpsuits that scream something out of “Mission Impossible,” has world class skydiving instructors, ensures and enforces top-tier safety guidelines.

Layout and Design Editor, Matt Karbownik, interviews an instructor at iFly Detroit to let you know what to look forward to if you visit Novi off of I-96 and Novi Road