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Barbara and Friends delivers feeling and finesse during Noon Jazz Concert


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Barbara and Friends performed on Feb. 9 during the Noon Jazz Concert series in the VistTaTech Center, Kerhl Auditorium.

Jordan Weston , Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Feb. 9, the Schoolcraft Music Department hosted Barbara and Friends during its Wednesday Noon Jazz Concert Series in the VisTaTech Center, Kehrl Auditorium. This ensemble played jazz tunes about falling in and out of love and the mistakes that cost them those interpersonal relationships. Perfect timing for Valentine’s Day. Regardless of whether you are currently in love, in a relationship, or going through a breakup, Barbara and Friends offer tunes that will speak to you.

Playing songs of the likes of Duke Ellington and other classic jazz artists, this ensemble celebrates not only V-Day but also Black History month. Bringing attention to jazz and the African American influences behind it that developed as early as the 1930s.

Throughout the concert each member showcased their talent and was given well-deserved solos to shine.

Pianist Cliff Monear delivered simply delightful transitions between songs that immerse the audience into what feels like an alternative world. Prepare to be taken from this auditorium in Livonia and into a small 1940s town in New York City.

Accompanied by the old-fashioned vocals performed by the wonderful Barbara Ware. Each song tells a story, and each tune immerses you into its emotionally powerful story that feels so real and personal.

Louis M. Jones was on drums. Jones delivered various techniques that music and especially jazz enthusiasts would surely appreciate.

Acoustic bassist Kurt Krahnke is heard throughout each song, providing an atmosphere to the lyrics that tell the story. The performance would not be the same without Krahnke.

All members of the Barbara and Friend’s ensemble are talented and do justice to the artists they cover. It was clear by watching them that their talent is matched only by the passion and knowledge each of them had for the musical art of jazz.

Jazz is delicate and technical music filled with plenty of culture and history to be appreciated by all generations and future ones to come. Make sure to check out the upcoming Noon Jazz Concerts and more upcoming performances at

All concerts start at noon and last approximately one hour. Concerts are free and open to the public.

If you missed out on Barbara and Friends you can watch the recorded live stream at