Project Playhem welcomes students to the world of gaming


Armando Saucedo

Students Steven Parnin, Robert Ardis and John Sotiropoulos play video games in the lower level VisTaTech Center during a recent Project Playhem meeting.

Alex Hawthorne, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that everyone can get a little bit stressed sometimes. After a hard day at school, work or at home, sometimes it’s nice to kick back a little bit with a nice hobby to take one’s mind off the anxieties of the world. For many, video games serve as the perfect avenue for that exact purpose. The need to relieve stress with fellow students over gaming is exactly what Project Playhem is meant for.

Created in 2008, Project Playhem was created “for students who care about gaming” according to Kyle Smith, Project Playhem president. 

Gaming veterans aren’t the only ones allowed to join in on the fun though. 

In fact, according to Smith, “we at Project Playhem cater to all backgrounds such as casual players, nongamers who want to try out video games and competitive players. At the core of it all, Project Playhem is a family of gamers who want to express themselves and take a load off from the real world.” Smith has been serving the Playhem community for 10 years, and has been involved with over 3,000 events through the Student Activities Office. 

With a deep passion for the gaming community, Smith strives to put Schoolcraft on the map for any gamer in the Metro Detroit area. Some of the events hosted by the club in the past include: The Gauntlet, a 24 hour non-stop gaming session; Noize, a charity focused event centered on gaming; Schoolcraft Retro Gaming Day; and numerous competitive fighting game tournaments.

Some of the plans for the group going forward are to provide more opportunities for leadership to aspiring gamers who will be able to carry the group to new and stunning heights. However, leadership development isn’t the only thing in store, as more fighting game tournaments, gaming charity events, community partnerships, and themed events are on the way.

For many of the members this is good news. 

“Students need to feel joy, and gaming in a community of other like-minded individuals who are just as passionate in a safe competitive environment, is just the type that makes all of the effort one puts in worth it,” said club member Steven Parnin.

For members looking to join, “Bring an open mind and a positive attitude as it helps expose you to new experiences that you wouldn’t normally try…who knows you may just like them,” said Smith. 

No one is required to bring any controllers or consoles, though it is encouraged as sometimes there may not be enough equipment for everyone who wants to join. Some of the games typically played at the club include: “Super Smash Bros,” “Street Fighter,” “Pokemon,” “Guilty Gear,” “Borderlands,” “Rocket League” and many more.

Club meetings are held at 1 p.m. on Mondays in Lower Waterman, in the Student Activities Center. Many of these meetings consist of a variety of games being played, discussing club business, or setting up for gaming events. While the Student Activities Office allows for anyone to come down and play games, these meetings serve as a way for the gamers of Schoolcraft to come together and enjoy themselves in an organized environment where they can bolster their community. 

For more information about Project Playhem, please contact the Student Activities Office at 724-462-4422.