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American Authors performs a stellar concert at the Magic Bag in Ferndale


Izabella Allie

American Authors performs at the Magic Bag on Sunday, October 23, 2022.

Marissa Getschman, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Best known for their song, “Best Day Of My Life,” American Authors is on tour again after three years to promote their upcoming studio album: which has yet to be released aside from the song “Blind for Love.” Despite falling popularity over the years, the band knows how to put on a show and deserves a comeback with this tour. 

Fans, new and old alike, won’t be disappointed!

The Magic Bag is a cozy venue in Ferndale located on Woodward Avenue has three different levels of places to stand; a small pit right off the stage and two larger sections with benches and small attached tables along the edges. The size of the venue alongside the small audience made for some delectably meaningful interactions between the crowd and the band. At one point during their set, American Authors climbed down into the pit to perform and dance with audience members. One lucky fan even got to hold frontman Zac Barnett’s microphone while he sang. 

The ambience for the concert was perfectly set in the music they chose to play between sets (mostly Taylor Swift) and the perfect rise and fall between openers created to usher in the main act. Zac Van Bellman (Zac Taylor; the first opener and the guitarist/banjoist for American Authors) did his best to hype up the audience while Brandon Calhoon (the second opener, a Detroit-based local performer) did his best to wind down the crowd and create a chill atmosphere while still having fun. 

The change in tempo created the perfect calm before the storm leading up to the moment American Authors set foot on the stage. 

The band certainly knows how to make an entrance and the Magic Bag did a spectacular job accommodating them. 

The lighting was gorgeous and the audio was perfect for the main performance. One would never guess how small the audience was based on the sheer volume and excitement emanating from the crowd as the band members took to their positions. Taylor upstage left, Dave Rublin (bassist) upstage right, Matt Sanchez centered upstage at the drum set and Barnett front and center.

The band played a number of their biggest hits (including “Best Day Of My Life” and “Born to Run”) alongside some lesser known songs, some covers and some of their newer music. Most notably, the band played two songs that they’ve never played live before, including “Live On” which is an unreleased song that will likely take the last spot in their new album, according to Rublin. 

Overall, the concert was a memorable experience that fans will treasure for years to come. The passion which fuels the band is clear in the blissful intensity they are able to create while playing. The kindness the members contain is clear in the malleability of the set and their willingness to cater to audience preference. 

The tour will continue through January 2023. Though there are no more dates in Michigan at this time, there are a number of shows left to see Barnett, Rublin, Sanchez, and Taylor live.

Fans won’t want to miss this phenomenal tour!

For more information on the band go to their official website at https://www.weareamericanauthors.com.