Our favorite Halloween costumes

This group editorial is not your traditional editorial, but we decided to change things up a little. To keep on the theme of this issue, Halloween, we went through the depths of childhood photos to find our favorite costumes. 

Kat Wenske: October was and still is the best time of the year for my family. Once it became fall, we decked the house in orange, purple and black with fake spider webs and spiders, cauldrons, pumpkins; anything spooky. But not only did we go crazy on decorations, we were super extra with our *coordinating group* costumes. We would pick themes every year, my favorite being the Addams Family where toddler me got to be Wednesday. Oh my goodness did I hate that wig though. 

Ben Bolstrom: There is so much iconic imagery that comes with October. What do you think of when you think of Halloween? How about ghosts? or pumpkins? skeletons? These are all staples of the best holiday of the year, but in my mind, nothing screams ‘Halloween’ like little ole me in this bat costume (circa 2001.) I mean, come on. I’ve got the wings and everything! And who can forget Eddie the dog? He’s got to be worth some bonus points. Something tells me I wouldn’t score nearly as much candy if I tried to pull the fit off today, though.

Armando Saucedo: One of the first Halloweens that I took part in I wore a wild western sheriff costume that my mom made for me. I remember going from house to house and seeing everybody dressed in their costumes and having fun. I instantly fell in love with getting to dress up and being who you want to be! It was my first halloween since I moved to the house I’m currently in and I definitely got bitten by the halloween bug.

Sasha Spearman: I always loved the idea of dressing up. One of the most memorable costumes was my Princess Belle dress. The vision I had as a 5-year-old was a big bow and a light-up toy from a ballerina concert. They were necessary to complete the look. I felt like a superstar when my parents took pictures of the outcome.

Izabella Allie:  My favorite Halloween costume was a ranch bottle. At the ripe age of three I decided that I wanted to be a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch. Additionally, my baby sister was a carrot. What is a bottle of ranch without the vegetables to eat with it? This is my favorite because it is more than just a costume. It’s a story and a memory that can be shared forever. Everyone loves seeing photos of my ranch costume!

Marissa Getschman: Have you ever gone trick or treating with a cat? No, not Kat or someone dressed as a cat. An actual cat. Every year since I can remember, Charlie, my family’s big orange tabby cat has followed my sister and I on walks like a guard dog. Naturally, he wouldn’t dare miss the best walk of the year! Enter me as a sixth grader dressed as a human version of Chica the Chicken from the game “Five Nights At Freddy’s.” Not my best costume, but I was so proud of it. I made my own apron and everything so I would match my friends at school. What makes the picture my favorite though is Charlie reaching down for his own treat from the bucket my neighbors left out for us. 

Summer Sultana: One of my favorite Halloween costumes as a kid was when I was a bunny. I love my face in this picture, showing how happy I was getting candy from trick or treating all by myself.