“Inscryption” is a psychological game blended into a dread smoothie


Noah Moore, Intern

Genre: Card Game, Story Rich, Deckbuilding, Horror, Puzzle, First-Person, Point & Click, Pixel Graphic, Adventure, Indie & Strategy

ESRB rating: Mature 17+

Download(s): Steam, Epic Games Store for PC, PlayStation 4 | 5 & Nintendo

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★ ★ (10/10 )

“Inscryption” is by far a gaming masterpiece, blending together deck building and escape-room style puzzles. The core game mechanics and the detailed environment it has to offer alongside the captivating soundtrack within the environment of the game make this game worthy of a choice for any gamer to play.. “Inscryption” by all means is a game that gives new meaning to the word ‘horror’ for the video games genre. 

The story is the main aspect of the game that sticks out the most when playing. The reason why is the fact the story is so unique. 

When loading “Inscryption” for the first time, players are presented with three boxes upon selecting start. One of the three boxes says new game, another box says continue and the last box is the settings. New players would obviously choose the new game, but the game will not allow that. Instead players must press the continue button, the game will begin somewhere random within the plot without giving too much detail about the main plot of “Inscryption”. The player must play the game to understand the story and let it unfold more and more. That’s what makes this game unique is based on how the plot of the story is laid out and how the game branches out while playing. 

This isn’t your typical horror game which is short, simple and clean with zero lore or story to be factored into the game which makes those games not very playable. “Inscryption” has done so well because of how the story starts as you are loaded in and how the game ends. It’s through this journey that players begin to know more about the story and how the story is related to the game as a whole.

Another aspect, why “Inscryption” is such a masterpiece of a game is because of the unique game mechanics. 

The object of the game is to deal five damage to your opponent’s side of the scale but if your opponent deals five damage to your side then it’s game over. The game’s mechanic is intriguing because most horror games usually have you run from some scary entities or monsters trying to kill you while the player is looking for pages or you are trying to out live the thing for a certain amount of time. 

“Inscryption” is based on playing in an eccentric atmosphere. For example, the game is a point and click game where the player must click around to move within the game. When playing a good chunk of the game, players can feel the game’s environment based on the game’s natural surroundings that you are in.  There is a dark, creepy vibe  in most horror genre games so then the player can feel the environment that’s around them. 

Another reason why this game is so unique is the soundtrack that is being played throughout the game. The soundtrack gives off a unique type of feeling, something very similar to the environment but a little more based on the sound and audio. To give an example, when battling an opponent the music will give a calm feeling, when battling a boss the soundtrack will try to match the situation based on the boss and “surrounding environment”. 

In conclusion, this video game is a masterpiece deserving a solid ten out of ten not just because of the craftsmanship but by the unique story-telling it has and also the newly involved game mechanics that is being given when you play more and more of the game.

Whether you are bored of playing the same style, horror games, and want to try something new which still has the same formula of horror with a twisted card game style mixed within then this game lives up to the standards.

“Inscryption” was released on the Epic Games store on the PC and also on Steam by October 19, 2021. Soon came to the PlayStation 4 | 5 on August 30, 2022 & later to the Nintendo Switch by December 1st 2022. The creators of “Inscrypton”, Daniel Mullins Games also created a DLC called Kaycee’s Mod which is an endless game mode of Act 1 which came out to Stream and the Epic Games Store on March 17, 2022 and soon later to other ports.

“Ah yes, I remember that card, it was a good card, you did well…” – Leshy