A partner in crime solution

Michigan State Police Forensic Artist, Inspector Sarah Krebs, visits campus to talk about forensic anthropology

Jennifer Harmon, Staff Photographer

On March 30, 2023 from 1-2 p.m. in the Liberal Arts Building Room LA 200, the Anthropology Department, Center for Experiential Learning and Student Activities welcomed Inspector Sarah Krebs, Forensic Artist and Michigan State Police who gave a presentation on Forensic Anthropology to a packed room of  students, staff and faculty interested in the subject.

Inspector Krebs explained the process of different techniques that she uses to identify human remains in order to link the corps to a missing person case. Krebs provided examples of each technique, one being 3-D modeling on the computer. The type of technique Krebs uses depends on the physical state of the remains. While some corpses are still mainly intact, others may be only a skeleton or less. She also explains why her job is so important as it is a major contributor in solving missing person cases.