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“Hollow Kingdom” gives pet’s point of view in a zombie apocalypse

Hollow Kingdom
By Kira Jane Buxton
Genre: Adult Science Fiction
Published: Aug. 6, 2023
Rating: 3/5 Stars

“Hollow Kingdom” by Kira Jane Buxton is a creative approach to a beloved horror genre narrated by a filthy mouthed crow with an identity crisis. The zombie apocalypse has been a long-treasured genre for many horror lovers. 

This book takes a classic zombie story and turns it into something new that even includes its own magical network: offering hilarious banter, and imaginative metaphors with quite a few fight-action scenes that seem almost realistic. Buxton offers multiple points of view with other pets throughout the “Hollow Kingdom” novel, and is not for the faint of heart nor those with an aversion to gore. 

S.T is a domesticated crow who is a junk food connoisseur and has quite a filthy mouth. Thrown into a new and confusing world, he now must navigate it with his trusty sidekick and best friend Dennis the bloodhound. Their owner Big Jim began to show signs of sickness after his eyeball fell out of his head. He begins to develop a strange green tinge to his skin. His remaining eyeball is red. S.T attempts to take care of the house as Big Jim gets sicker, hoping that his MoFo will eventually get better and stop scraping the wall or attempting to eat him.

S.T. sets out to the local Walgreens to grab essentials such as Luminate Triple Eye Cream and No7 Lift, in the hopes this will cure their ailing human. In Walgreens he spots four MoFos, this is what he calls humans taught by Big Jim, not even a well-taught hello from S.T. rouses the humans. S.T. notices these MoFos have a familiar green tinge to their skin, and “eyes like a forest on fire” (Buxton 18). Gathering his treatments for his beloved human, the bag tips as he tries to fly off causing the bottle of Summer’s Eve to fall onto the cash register. The MoFos hearing the beep of the register, run after S.T. 

As he flew home he saw their next-door neighbor eating her beloved pet. At this point he begins to realize the dire situation they are in. 

During a hunt for Dennis’s Kong in their craftsmen home, S.T. finds Big Jim’s cell phone. Turning it on, he hopes to help Big Jim get out of this sickness. Instead, Big Jim stomps out of the basement and chases after S.T. 

Realizing that they are not safe in the home, S.T. uses his best Big Jim impression and calls for Dennis to start a new adventure together. 

They encounter Zoo animals, massive predators and even new creations that Mother Earth has allowed. Meeting new animals, including another murder. As they work together, they begin to free the other domestics trapped in their homes because of their sick humans. Even having to fight a war for territory and safety with other wild animals. 

This story is exceptionally creative with its magic system, how the humans became zombies, and the creatures who are described as dinosaur-like. Some parts of the book felt heavy on info, and could get overwhelming. Buxton induces witch cackling laughs while making you question our constant electronic use. Buxton is metaphor heavy in her writing, and can make descriptions very long. Though this is great for the imagination, it can be over abundant if you don’t enjoy metaphoric writing. Hollow Kingdom is bold and adventurous, and just in time for Halloween!

“Hollow Kingdom’’ earns a solid 3.5 stars. 

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Jessica Micheal, Managing Editor
Hello! My name is Jessica, I always prefer Jess. I am majoring in Liberal Arts, and I plan to major in English and minor in creative writing. I am the Managing Editor of the Schoolcraft Connection. I can typically be found either reading or writing. I am currently authoring a dystopian zombie apocalypse novel. It is based on conversations I have had with my older two teens about how we would survive during an apocalypse. My dream is to own a publishing company that is inclusive and offers diversity. 

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