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The greatest team of sled dogs on the big screen

Can a dentist follow in the family footsteps he knows absolutely nothing about?

Snow Dogs
Genre: Comedy/Family
1h 42m
Released: Jan. 18, 2002
Rating: 6.5/10 Stars

“Snow Dogs” is a perfect winter themed movie that was directed by Brian Levant and follows the story of Florida Dentist Ted Brooks played by actor Cuba Gooding Jr. who receives a letter stating that a mysterious relative of his has left him an inheritance. Brooks takes a trip to Alaska to accept his inheritance and discovers that it is a sled dog team that holds several mysteries about him and his family. 

To keep this newfound way of life, Brooks must learn about his new unique dogs, as well as the new village he now resides in. Discovering things about himself and his family on a wildly entertaining adventure.  

Along his journey, Brooks meets several special characters each with their own purpose and goals. Some notable characters are the movie’s main villain, Thunder Jack, who is played by James Coburn and spends most of the movie attempting to take ownership of Brooks’s sled dogs.  A love interest named Barb, played by Joanna Bacalso, who wishes to help Brooks. Some viewers may also recognize musician Sisqo, who plays Ted’s cousin along with several other familiar faces. 

While each character could have had a little more depth, their personalities and characteristics were nicely developed. Our four-legged friend actors were incredible. Each dog had their own unique personality and made for some hilarious and memorable scenes. 

One of Brooks’s sled dogs named Demon is a fan favorite who gives Brooks an extremely challenging time throughout the film until he finally figures out what is causing Demon so much trouble, something no one else may have ever figured out. 

The setting of this movie features a few stunning views of Miami Florida, but mainly viewers will be able to immerse themselves in the beautiful snowy scenery of Alaska and enjoy the countless gorgeous dogs featured throughout the film. Towards the end of this film, an exciting dog sled race takes place which keeps viewers on the edge of their seat and takes them deeper into the magical woods and caves of Alaska. 

Some aspects of this film’s mysteries are predictable, such as Thunder Jack being Brooks’s real father. While others may come as a pleasant surprise to viewers, such as a bad tooth being the cause for Brooks’s sled dog named Demons trouble.  Nonetheless, the storyline is entertaining and engaging to viewers and will provide almost two hours of loveable entertainment. 

The main stars of this film are definitley the sled dogs, as they are the ones who provide most of the comedic relief. They primarily determine how Brooks’s adventure will flow since they are the ones primarily in charge until helearns enough to be able to take control.

This film received 6.5 out of 10 stars due to its predictability, rather dry and cringeworthy humor mainly coming from Brooks’s character. The history of the Natives and their village could have also been included. 

Overall it matches expectations of an engaging plot and suspenseful but heartwarming moments. The storyline also showcases the topics of adoption, companionship and the importance of good sportsmanship.

“Snow Dogs” engages its viewers with a unique perspective to sled dog racing and traditional native village life making this film absolutely paw-fect to watch with family and friends, or even with your own furry friends at home. 

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