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Buried Neck Deep in punk
Buried Neck Deep in punk
February 27, 2024
ASA members and attendees at the Chinese New Year celebration in the Lower Level, Vistatech Center.
Photo courtesy of the Asian Student Association.
A community connected
February 23, 2024
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Parents of Schoolcraft
February 22, 2024
Professor Brett Griffiths holding her book “Two-Year College Writing Studies” in her office.
Not equal, but inclusive
February 21, 2024

Human Giver Syndrome

It’s time to give back to yourself

“Burnout the Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle”
by Emily Nagoski, PhD and Amelia Nagoski, DMA
Available on, Audible, Kindle, Libby, Paperback
Genre: Wellness
Released: March 2019

★★★★ 4 out of 5

While the new year is typically a time of resolutions and rest, it can lead to feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the changes you’re implementing. Though the good changes are good, sometimes keeping up can lead to burnout. “Burnout” by sister authors Emily and Amelia Nagoski dives headfirst into what is burn-out and why it happens. The novel begins by explaining what people or jobs tend to cause burnout the quickest. 

“Human Giver Syndrome” is prevalent in caregiver jobs, parenting and women. Unfortunately, those who identify as “givers” typically lead to higher burnout rates. Givers are those whose job it is to take care of others on a constant basis. Givers tend to give more of themselves to those they are caring for. This leaves them running on empty and unable to tend to their own basic needs and especially their passions or hobbies. 

“Burnout” speaks on the importance of completing stress cycles. 

What is a stress cycle? It is the cycle that kicks our fight, flight, or freeze response when we sense a potential danger. Many of us are unable to complete stress cycles because of the following three reasons. It’s an evergoing stressor such as a job or parenting. It can also be the wrong place or an inappropriate way to complete a stress cycle; loudly stimming or punching someone. 

For example, prey animals are frequently scanning their environment for predators. When a sound alerts them of potential danger, their alertness begins the stress cycle: fleeing when necessary to a safe place. To complete the stress cycle they begin to shake and tremble. This allows the stressful situation to resolve and leave their body. Therefore completing a stress cycle. 

Overall, “Burnout” was an informative and good source of information to help someone learn how to manage their stress. Throughout “Burnout,” interjections such as “ugh” are used multiple times, causing one to be potentially distracted from the information of the book. 

The novel had many good modern examples such as using the Hunger Games and Disney princesses; helping the reader stay engaged and understand the information clearly. With some self help books; it can be very dry and difficult to keep up. Nagoski keeps her readers engaged by utilizing bitesize tidbits to stay ahead of stress. 

These are a couple of things Nagoski mentions that are noteworthy. Getting in touch with a higher power; this has many definitions. 

It can mean religiously, and it can mean following a passion/dream. Anything bigger than yourself. Finding meaning in your life doesn’t mean you must accomplish something that will impact the entire world. It is okay to be passionate about something that will reach just a few people. 

Connection with others; this isn’t just joining a Facebook group and then browsing. It is urged to seek out deep and intimate connections that emotionally lifts you. Seeking out those who can support you and have similar interests can help lead to a “recharged battery” preventing burnout. There are many examples of how to help manage your stress-filled life. It is important to take care of yourself during this time. Nagoski mentions many other examples to help you manage and get through stressful times. What better gift to yourself than the gift of self-love and healing. 

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