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The power of love
The power of love
July 2, 2024

Documenting history

Schoolcraft collaborates with community members to highlight Detroit’s best chefs
Cast and crew members pose for a group photo after shooting some scenes inside the Schoolcraft Culinary Arts kitchen for “Detroit: The City of Chefs” documentary. (Photo courtesy of Schoolcraft College)

Humans have recorded history in various ways throughout the years. From cave paintings, written documents starting with the Egyptians, to now media. This act of documentation has diversity in its motive, with some being memorial; such as a way to honor those who have passed, as well as highlighting true talent. This is exactly what the upcoming 2024 fall “Detroit: The City of Chefs” documentary encompasses. 

Filmed all throughout the city at some of Detroit’s top chefs’ restaurants, there was a particularly special place that needed to be included in the filming: Schoolcraft College. 

“I’ve always had a deep relationship with the Schoolcraft Culinary department dating back to when I worked for Chef Benson; one of the first culinary instructors at the college,” said Executive Producer/Director of “Detroit: The City of Chefs” and Visionalist Entertainment Productions Chef Keith Famie. “While I never attended Schoolcraft or any culinary college for that matter, Schoolcraft has always held a special spot in my heart for so many reasons. Many of the instructors are close friends of mine for many years for a wide range of reasons; both professional and personal.”

Detroit is famous for its automotive boom with Henry Ford and soulful music. However, something that accompanies these two things is food; which as argued by Culinary Arts Program Coordinator and Faculty member Chef Chris Misiak, is a Detroit quality that often goes unnoticed. The proposal of involvement presented by Famie to Misiak was met by excitement, as well as enticement to the rest of campus once word got out. 

Computer Graphics Technology professor Jeremy Salo speak to Culinary Arts program coordinator Chef Chris Misiak during a recording session inside the Sound Recording Technology studio on campus. (photo courtesy of Schoolcraft College)

“Being the Faculty Co-Chair for Core Abilities gives me a unique opportunity to keep in contact with faculty all over campus at Schoolcraft. When Chef Misiak explained the project to me, I instantly wanted to become involved. What Chef Misiak is doing with the Culinary department is beyond outstanding,” said CGT Faculty and Department Chair Jeremy Salo. “Food is a major part of culture right along with art and music. We just use different mediums. The possibility of tying them all together while paying homage to the greats of the area was very intriguing. To hear that the well known Director and Chef Famie was producing this made it even more exciting.”

Schoolcraft is featured in the trailer, with personal interviews with the current and former Culinary Arts instructors, and alums who founded restaurants in Metro Detroit. Not only were Schoolcraft faculty involved in collaboration while filming at the College, but active students were an essential part of the video production, interviews and sound recording for the documentary. 

“We actually recorded the music for the opening scene, which is a bunch of chefs in stop motion claymation developed by College of Creative Studies [student Alexandra Martinescul who dedicated a 15 week winter semester to the creation],” said Misiak. “The music was created in collaboration with the Sound Recording Technology Department and kitchen equipment; chopping of knives, whisking in bowls and pepper shakers shaking like maracas.” 

CMPC Joe Decker and CMB CEPC Heather Moore arrange and place the clay characters onto the cake prior to filming one of the scenes for the “Detroit: The City of Chefs” documentary on Feb. 8, 2024 inside the Culinary kitchen at Schoolcraft College. (photo courtesy of Schoolcraft College)

Passion is enveloped in the “Detroit: The City of Chefs” documentary. This opportunity prompted the ability to highlight the artists behind the kitchen, who’s work cannot be hung in a museum.

“I’ve enjoyed every moment immensely working with both the students and leadership at Schoolcraft, it’s always an adventure,” noted Famie, as positivity radiated from the film set. 

“We only have so much time in this life. People would rather do a job that brings them joy and meaning over becoming filthy rich. Storytelling, art and complex forms of communication is what makes us human,” said Salo. “You cannot have a happy and successful society without them. 

Some of us are lucky enough to be creators of media and art for a living. If we give people a chance to be creative and share their talents with the world, they will do so and we will all benefit.” 

The “Detroit: The City of Chefs” 90 minute documentary will debut on PBS and Detroit Public Television. 

The year-long production has not disclosed a specific date, but it will be available to the public during the fall semester. 

For more information on “Detroit: The City of Chefs” and to see the trailer now go to

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