Fruits of labor


by Tamara Turner, Assistant Layout Designer

As a young woman growing up in this technological age, I found there to be limitless opportunities for myself. Unfortunately, being so immature that concept ended up being nothing more than a statement. Many months passed me in high school where I did not explore any avenues presented to me. While I never was a failing student, I always was content with average grades. Another aspect about myself, my depression, gives me a constant feeling of dissatisfaction. I assumed that things couldn’t go above average as I was no better than anyone else. Thinking about college and life was secretly stressful, as I really didn’t see how anything could work out like my dreams.
It was my junior year in high school when I was given a pamphlet. It announced a dual- enrollment program from my dream school, College for Creative Studies. As much as I can’t pinpoint exactly what made me feel so inclined to participate rather than sitting on the sidelines, I went to my counselor and planned to attend the studio class. She mentioned that these free classes counted as college credits and gave me a free period during the day. I was excited, to say the least. This event was the inception for my newfound motivation and drive to succeed.
After starting my studio dual-enrollment class I discovered the feeling of fulfillment in accomplishing something you assumed you couldn’t. From there I created a schedule of dual- enrollment classes where I could complete high school with the Michigan Transfer Agreement being almost fulfilled just by taking two Schoolcraft classes every semester. I’ve been sticking with it ever since.
After starting my journey of dual-enrolling, I picked up a copy of “The Connection.” That issue mentioned hiring for an artist position, which was what brought me here, and I’m so glad that it did.
Doing many extra-curricular activities is stressful in a positive way and has given my life more purpose. That feeling of general dissatisfaction became somewhat alleviated when I challenged myself to do more. The only thing I feel can truly cure that unhappiness is achieving these dreams I have, going to places, meeting people and working a job I love. That can only happen if now, in my youth, I build a foundation to work off. If the story sounds familiar, I ask from one person to another to organize, set goals and challenge your life. If the fear of taking orders from an insensitive boss at a dead-end job is also yours, take my story and see if you can’t put in the effort to brighten up the forecast of the future and accomplish those dreams.